DC TV Universe Review: Week Thirty-One


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Molly: Jay Garrick, villain of season 2, wants to settle this once and for all with a Field Day event.

Amber: My personal favorite part of the episode was when they locked Barry in a cell and then Wally let him out.

But what the hell. So much just happened I’m not sure where to start. Oh wait– We probably didn’t need to ever see time wraiths again.

Molly: The time wraiths were a bad call the first time and a VERY bad call the second, not only because it felt like a cop-out.

Amber: I didn’t hate the episode, but a lot of it felt…rushed. Plus, having Barry go back and change his mom’s death felt like a step backwards for him. I don’t really think, especially given the speed force episode, that he would do something so colossally stupid.

Molly: I wouldn’t use the word hate for this episode, but my feelings were not terribly positive. I don’t know what to expect from that last minute with his mom. I really don’t know if I’m looking forward to that or not in terms of story, but I definitely agree with you that this was a stupid idea and it didn’t feel earned.

I accept that Barry can’t be with someone right now, though I hope they don’t drag this out too long. I want to see what Barry and Iris are like together.


Molly: I appreciated the mantle of Giving the Downtrodden Hero an Inspiring Speech to Curtis. Even if then Oliver turned around and gave that speech to others and got full credit for it.

Amber: I liked everything Curtis got to do this episode and I really excited for him to come back.

I love Oliver Queen so much and even though I am 100% sure him being Mayor will end in disaster…I’m really looking forward to it.

Molly: I didn’t care for either of these finales, but with The Flash, parts of it felt sloppy. Arrow’s finale felt fine, it just wasn’t that interested in what I am interested in. And that’s okay sometimes.

Amber: I guess I’m mainly disappointed that I’ve got to accept Laurel Lance’s death for the moment. Why does CW want to kill the things I love so badly???

Molly: I don’t feel good about where we ended things for Laurel’s death. I’m really tired, guys. I’m just going to go watch Steven Universe. They’re not going to kill anyone (and certainly not bury any of their gays).

Molly: And that’s a wrap for this season of DC’s TV universe. It’s been an interesting year. The Flash had a worse second season than its first, but it picked up near the end. Arrow had some of its best stuff but also some stuff that really really annoyed me (still not over Felicity’s disability cure, in case you were wondering). Supergirl had a fantastic inaugural year and I’m really looking forward to next season (with Lynda Carter as the president!). Legends of Tomorrow was a mixed bag, but I’m glad it’s getting another go.

As for whether these reviews will return next season or not (and whether they might include Powerless, which we’re both looking forward to), the jury’s still out. Or it might just be Amber. I’m not sure yet, we’ll see. But we’ll definitely post during the hiatus. I have some things I need to say about Faking It, we might watch the Supergirl movie (and/or other movies), and I’m planning on hosting a 22-hour marathon of every Mary-Kate and Ashley movie for my friends and I’m positive I’ve live-blog it. We’re also tossing around the idea of doing some kind of book club thing here.

And if you’ve read any of these reviews, thank you. We really do appreciate it.

Amber: I don’t have anything more significant to add, but thanks for reading! And I’m excited to see what next season brings even if we don’t blog about it.

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Thirty


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Molly: Let’s start with this: I hated the Black Siren stuff and I loved the Black Siren stuff. It was a very complicated episode for me.

She looked incredible and she was wildly fun. I had a blast watching her fuck Central City up. However, this felt like appeasement. Based on what happened in Legends of Tomorrow, it seems like Laurel may return, but this just felt like they wanted to fling Black Siren at us to make us stop talking so much about losing Laurel. And perhaps they were actually trying to go for a peace offering, but it did not go over well with me.

Amber: I agree with that. I was here for it, but I also WAS NOT. It kind of felt to me like another sign we could get her back, but? I don’t know it was weird to pick her to be the villain in The Flash when her status on Arrow is so….dead.

What I was here for was everything Wally West did. Which isn’t a surprise, but I’m really happy with where they are taking Wally right now. (But please give him superpowers okay thanks.)

Also, okay, I did kind of love Barry being optimistic in this episode. Hope is Barry’s thing. Like he really wants to believe in stuff. And this episode he is SO SURE that he is going to win. Everyone doubts him, but he doesn’t care. And then just the worst possible thing happens.

I’m really interested to see how Henry’s death is going to change Barry. I kind of thought it was coming and even in death I don’t trust Henry, but I liked that last scene a lot.


Molly: How weird and disconcerting is brightly lit Arrow?

Amber: Yeah them fighting in the brightly lit suburb was weird? Even though I loved everything Oliver and Thea did this episode.

Even when all Curtis does is emotionally support Felicity it’s still perfect.

I mistrust all father figures on television which I think says a lot about me. Still, Felicity and her dad had cute stuff this episode. And this episode was a good reminder of what BAMF Donna Smoak is.

Molly: My favorite stuff to watch was the stuff with Curtis, Felicity and her parents. And it sort of feels like we may be building to something big happening with Curtis in the finale which I am more than 1000% on board for.


Amber: I’m gonna start at the end because we saw Arthur Darvill at Planet Comic-Con this weekend. I hadn’t seen the episode but as soon as he mentioned the JSA I kinda freaked out?

I honestly don’t know what they’ll do with it??? But I’m READY. (Also give me a Green Lantern. I don’t even care which one.)

Anyway, I liked the killing Vandal in three different time periods. It was a fun series finale even if I felt like it was kind of rushed.

Molly: I agree that that was a solid ending and hopefully next season we get a better villain.

Amber: I am sad that (for now) Kendra isn’t on the team, but I guess if it means no Hawkman I’ll take it. I’m not sure what the status for Dominic Purcell or Wentworth Miller will be since “Prison Break” will be on next fall as well, but please give Leonard Snart back to me. He didn’t get to kiss one dude. Just let him come back to kiss Barry Allen.

Molly: I imagine it won’t take long for the Hawks to rejoin. I believe Prison Break is a limited run, though this is set to come back in October instead of midseason, so who knows. And I will never in my life give up my dream of having Leonard Snart kiss a man, even if it’s not Barry Allen (but also it should be Barry Allen, I mean really).

And the scene with Snart and Mick was excellent. I’m not sure whether Leonard’s coming back or not, but that was a nice way to end his arc for the season at least.

I think it might be interesting to watch how the Lance sisters differ in their reactions to losing each other.

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Twenty-Nine


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Molly: I met my threshold for sap 15 minutes from the end of this episode, but I should’ve had a greater tolerance, because the hits just kept on coming. I mean, honestly, that was a lot.

Amber: As cheesey as it was, I kind of loved it? It was kind of weird and maybe over the top, but it felt like the Flash and I was okay with it. Plus, I really liked the “Runaway Dinosaur.”

This episode also reminded me why I love Barry? He just wants to save his friends and run away from all his problems. Anyway, I’m glad he’s not dead and has his powers back.

Molly: This isn’t an entirely fair criticism, but the Runaway Dinosaur part annoyed me a bit because I thought the mom in the story need to just chill and let him be whatever dinosaur he wanted.

Amber: I still don’t trust Henry Allen.

Barry/Iris has never really gotten me excited. But this episode is the first time I have kinda shipped it. Iris brought him back and I loved their scene in the graveyard (especially the kiss on the cheek) but a big part of that had to do with Iris being written well. So keep it up, The Flash!

Molly: I agree. I am looking forward to their future and I hope they can write Iris well enough in season three to make it worth it.

Amber: Maybe next week everyone will remember Caitlin is being held prisoner by Zoom.

Molly: Seems unlikely, but we can always hope.


Molly: I’m not really sure how I feel about the episode as a whole, but I know I liked Felicity and her father. The way he and Felicity worked together and the way they bounced off each other, both good and bad, was extremely enjoyable to watch. And he was given exactly zero (0) free passes and I sincerely hope it continues that way.

Amber: I’m at least glad they are finally writing Felicity well again. Still don’t believe she and Oliver are really broken up, but whatever….

Molly: I’m trying to figure out what made this apocalypse feel so hollow. My favorite show of all time is probably Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which had its fair share of apocalypses. I was never under the impression that the world might actually end, so the fact that Arrow’s end-of-the-world felt low stakes doesn’t seem like the problem. Buffy also had a few apocalypses that felt contrived (Doomed, specifically), but this wasn’t that either. Buffy’s apocalypses were always building to something else and had a point beyond the end of the world, but that wasn’t always apparent until the very end and we’re not done with Arrow, so maybe things will feel stronger in the next episodes.

Amber: I think the main problem is that the writers also don’t know who these characters are and haven’t made much of an effort to make any characters that aren’t main cast important.

That being said, Diggle has had great couple of episodes and I’m happy about that. We got some quality BROT3 time in.

And to the point of the lackluster apocalypse, they haven’t made it clear how or why the end of the world is happening so it’s hard for me to feel concerned? The motivations this season have been dubious at best both for the heroes and the villains.

Molly: P.S. Arrow, make your third and fourth tier characters more memorable! Once a week, I send Amber a message saying, “Arrow thinks I know who this character is but I swear I’ve never seen this man before in my life.”


Molly: I’m tired of shows killing people of color. Tired tired tired. DC’s movies have little to offer me in terms of women, people of color, and queer people. Their TV shows were better than that (they both suck at disabled characters). But not today. Not today, I guess, because now Leonard Snart is dead.

I think there has been a great influx of killing characters on TV, which I hate in the first place, but no one has gotten the brunt of it worse than people of color and queer women and today, just after the resurrection of the white dude they killed off, they kill a man of color.

There’s a reason “LGBT fans deserve better” and “POC fans deserve better” have been trending every Thursday night. It’s because it’s true! I spent the better part of a month genuinely terrified Civil War was going to kill off one of the MCU’s men of color. I lost sleep over it. 2016 has been a nightmare and Legends of Tomorrow just added to that.

Amber: I don’t have much more to add to that than “Agreed.” I actually refuse to accept most of what happened in this episode.

But let me just say, I love Mick Rory with everything in me. First he resisted brain washing by hating the team and the he resisted it because HE LOVED THEM. I can’t ask for more than that really.

I don’t know how I feel about what went down between Sara and Leonard. The kiss was too much though. And, honestly, I can’t believe he would cheat on Mick like that???

Anyway, whatever that was I wish it were more drawn out. I don’t really know what’s happening on this show anymore, but I’m mostly on board? I think. Just bring Leonard back and we’ll be cool. (Pun definitely intended)

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Twenty-Eight


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Amber: It’s hard for me to be sad about Barry when A) We know he’s coming back, and B) We’re getting two new speedsters!!!!!!!!!! I’m pretty excited that Wally and Jesse get powers at the same time. They definitely want me to ship it and I’m good with that.

Molly: That is so promising. I’ve been excited hoping for either of them to get powers and now they both do and can figure it out together. And I’m excited to see more of each of them.

Amber: Henry Allen was giving off really shady vibes this week. I can’t explain, but he’s up to something.

Iris looked amazing this episode. I kinda thought her speech was….I mean it was fine, but I kinda wanted Iris to be like, “Come on we gotta get Caitlin back!” Actually, I just wanted anyone to say that. Seriously, Wells was the only one who came up with an actual plan. Even if it was a terrible that resulted in Barry’s death. (Or more likely he’s trapped in the speed force.)

Molly: I was kind of hoping for more from Iris too, but what else is new.

Amber: I kept thinking during the penultimate scene that it was way too dramatic unless it actually did kill him and then, well, it did. (I mean, no it didn’t, but it seemingly did.) Trapped in the speed force makes sense as possibly does Wells and Barry doing something to fake his death so Zoom thinks he’s gone.


We both liked this episode fairly well, actually, but didn’t have much to say about it, due in large part to our brains being consumed by thinking about Civil War 24/7. Apologies.


Amber: The first thing I wanna say about this episode is that “River of Time” is a dumb title.

Molly: I’m not saying Arthur Darvill can’t be on an episode called River of Time, I’m just saying if he is, it’s not for this show.

Amber: I’m also not entirely sure what I just watched, but I loved it? Sara in the pilot’s seat and “I’ve never been one to back down from a fight.” Plus “Leonard Snart, Robber of ATMS.”

Molly: Vandal-Savage-taunting-people-from-his-cage would’ve worked better for me if I like him better as a villain, but it’s still a pretty good setup, but what really worked for me were the flashbacks. Jax with his mother was very sweet. Ray and Felicity’s scene is exactly the kind of friendship I love to imagine they have now. Though the scene did serve as a reminder to how annoyingly brief her time using a wheelchair was. It’s a half season later and that story is long gone. They weren’t interested in writing actual disability representation. They just wanted to shock us. Moving along to…

The Sara and Nyssa scene. I wish they had kissed, but I’m going to put that aside because that scene was excellent. It gave Nyssa and Sara the weight that the relationship does deserve. I had always imagined that Sara went to go see Nyssa again and wished we had seen it and now we have. Nyssa’s feelings have never been in doubt, but this episode seems to confirm that Sara still loves her too. And I would pay good money to put Nyssa on the team for next season. (Someone on Twitter did suggest that next season’s team should be all-queer; Sara, Nyssa, Hartley Rathaway, Mr. Terrific, Leonard, Captain Singh, and I think that is the best idea I’ve ever heard.)

Amber: Kendra was a grade A badass this episode even though I wish she had stuck more to her “fuck fate” philosophy.

Molly: This is the most annoying possible end to the Ray and Kendra storyline. It doesn’t go down as one of the world’s great ships to me (about once a week, I’d send Amber a message that just read “ugh @ straight people”), but it did sometimes keep my interest and easily my favorite part of it was the “fuck fate” factor. Throwing that away this quickly feels like the most boring option. After Ray said that Hawkman had stolen his girl (which, well, ugh @ straight people), I sincerely thought Kendra was going to say that he hadn’t lost her. That it would be weird, but she wasn’t lying when she said she loved him and was committed to him. But nope! Ray and Kendra’s story so far, particularly the fuck fate part is meaningless if they instead do not fuck destiny and go right along with what destiny had planned. Not being with Carter would be the more interesting choice for her right now, even if it ended differently.

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Twenty-Seven


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Molly: Both The Flash and Arrow this week got bogged down a bit by random teenage threats who distracted from the main stories the episodes were trying to tell. I understand why this happened. An episode where Barry deals with losing his powers and they have no one to fight isn’t easy to pitch, but it also felt like it dragged from the point a bit.

I did enjoy Caitlin and Killer Frost talking, particularly about their mothers. I find Zoom actually having fallen in love with Caitlin unexpectedly to be a predictable and a bit boring of a story point, but it has the potential to go somewhere more interesting.

Amber: I loved all the Caitlin and Killer Frost stuff. More of this Flash writers less of me having to sit through speeches where someone tells Iris West how she is feeling. I’m super disappointed with Iris’ presence in this season. We’re nearing the end and she’s had nothing to do. It’s frustrating. I’m glad to see that Caitlin Snow is getting to have emotions, but what the hell do we have to do to get these women a storyline that isn’t about who they’re in love with or who is in love/has kidnapped them?

Molly: Harry is full of dumb ideas this week. I wish I had more to say this week, but I don’t. The end of the season feels in sight for this show but we’ve still got a ways to go before we actually get there.

Amber: I agree with that. And everyone was kind of going back to business as usual? Not desperately searching for a way to get save Caitlin? Barry literally gave up his powers to save Wally (not that I’m complaining) but Caitlin is gone and he just…goes back to work? And then mopes?

Although, I do love an angsty Barry Allen.


Amber: What was this episode even? Some kid is running around as Black Canary, then Diggle tries to kill someone, and then everyone shows up to Laurel’s funeral except Sara.

Molly: Welcome to the Who Can Blame Themselves the Most Olympics and everyone gets a gold medal.

Amber: I guess I liked the Evelyn Sharp stuff. I’m always here for more teenage girl superheroes. We could have probably waited an episode to get a new Black Canary, but whatever. Maybe Laurel will come back, then she and Thea can raise Evelyn together.

Molly: I think it would’ve worked for me better if it had been next episode. I’m also all for teenage girl superheroes. One of my only complaints about the Deadpool movie is that Negasonic Teenage Warhead didn’t get nearly enough to do.

Amber: Also, those flashbacks, UGH. Guess what I’m not here for? Revisiting Oliver/Laurel and all the dumb stuff they say to each other. And honestly it was a nice break from whatever has been going on in the flashback this season. I still don’t really know what’s going on there.

Molly: We played fast and loose with timeline canon back there, but I didn’t hate all of it. Plus I always like remembering Tommy.

Amber: Speaking of dumb stuff to say, Oliver saying “I’ve seen this movie.” And then really dramatically leaving.

So, it’s starting to feel like Laurel is really dead? But Katie Cassidy will appear as Earth 2 Laurel in a couple of weeks, so who knows? Still mad Sara missed the funeral.

Molly: I know Sara’s time traveling, which makes it difficult to contact her, but I just feel weird in a very bad way with her not knowing.

Also, Arrow, please be better to Nyssa next season. You were great to her in season 3 and have treated her terrible in season 4. Nyssa, Katrina Law, and I all deserve better.


Amber: Okay, there a lot of things I liked about this episode: things got bigger, Kendra had her mace, Jefferson gave an inspiring speech, etc. But I’m confused about Kassandra? At first I assumed she was Scandal Savage. Then I thought she was Cassandra Cain with Scandal Savage’s plot line?

Apparently in the New 52 there’s a Kassandra Savage. I’m unfamiliar with her, but I don’t know why we wouldn’t use Scandal Savage??

I really liked when Ray got giant though. And I’ve been waiting all season for Kendra to get to use the mace. So those things both made the episode enjoyable for me.

Plus, I’ve got a feeling they’re gonna try to hook Lenny and this Kassandra up, which I’m not for. Has no one been listening? He’s in love with Barry Allen.

Molly: Am I really supposed to believe Sara Lance is stumped on how to kill someone with a bracelet? Really?
As for this episode, I agree that Ray should get big more, but I just wasn’t that enthused by the rest of it.

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Twenty-Six


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Molly: First and very most importantly: Fuck yeah, Danvers women!

Eliza saved Alex, Alex saved Kara, Kara saves everyone. That was incredible. From Alex piloting that ship to her adorable little smile when Kara wakes up, it was all wonderful to watch. Alex and Kara’s relationship has been the most important this season by far and I so appreciate that.

Amber: Eliza should definitely be on the team full time.

BUT WHAT WE REALLY NEED TO TALK ABOUT: All those Cat/Kara scenes….tore me up. When Cat gives her the office and calls her Kara it was probably my favorite moment of the season.

Plus, Cat Grant knows. I can say that with certainty now. She’s also in love with Kara.

My other favorite part of this episode was the Superman cameo where we just saw his boots. Amazing.

Molly: I understand the difficulty of figuring out what to do with Clark in this show, but I hope that now that we’ve gotten through the first season and have solidified Kara’s standing, maybe in season two we can actually see Superman.

That is, assuming we have a season two, which I will assume, though it has still weirdly not been confirmed. Though I also heard Lynda Carter had been amazingly cast as the president for season two, so I don’t know what to make of any of it.

I really enjoyed this season as a whole and I am looking forward to more. It stumbled at times but it regularly focused on the right things and it is telling a story worthy of Kara and that’s the most important thing.


Amber: Caitlin and Iris have a conversation, but it amounts to talking about Barry. So while progress has been made this season…it’s not very much. It might just be me but I haven’t seen any signs of Iris developing feelings for Barry? Once again they are telling us, not showing us, how the girls feel.

All in all, I liked this episode.

Jay Garrick aka Zoom aka Hunter Zolomon aka total asshat has a real thing for kidnapping people.

I’m expecting for Barry to get his speed back eventually, but it sort of felt like you guys could have just taken the opportunity to…I don’t know…trap Zoom once you got Wally out of there?

Molly: I really liked this episode overall too. I’m hoping this means Wally can be brought in on the secret, which I think we all would enjoy. Plus it’ll make it easier if they’re all living together (which I also love).

I am looking forward to where we go from here with Cisco. Not to mention this should make it easier for Kara and Barry to meet again sometime.


Amber: Leonard Snart as a baby! Now all I can think about is Leonard raising himself as a baby. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Molly: Oh my god. Why didn’t I think of that? I will think of nothing else forever.

Amber: Anyway, I’m kind of confused why they won’t return their younger selves yet? It could potentially send all of time into chaos, but Rip wants to wait??? (Side note: how cool was young Rip?)

Molly: I am also confused on this point. Which probably means the answer is “*waving arms* Oooh, don’t look over here and think about this; we need to set up more conflict later on!” But I’ll live with it since one day we’ll have to get back to conflicts that are actually about Vandal Savage and I don’t really care if we do get back to that or not.

Amber: How many episodes are we going to deal with Kendra/Ray debating on wether or not to fight fate? Or at least give us some tactical obstacles for them to face. I say that, but I’m expecting Hawkman to show up at anytime so….maybe I take it back.

Molly: I assume Hawkman will reappear very, very quickly or else we could’ve moved this conflict off an episode because my goodness did we gloss over the whole, “My dead fiancee is in the other room” aspect of Ray and Kendra.

There was a lot of stuff I really liked in this episode, but I really think we should’ve made this a two-parter. We didn’t really have enough time to focus on any of the stuff I was enjoying except maybe Sara and her dad. But we zoomed over Mick killing his parents, seeing more of young versions of themselves, and, like I said, Ray’s dead fiancee. I’m glad we spent time with Rip’s mom. I always like that actress and that was interesting, but that was the only bit that felt close to given the time it deserved.

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Twenty-Five


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Molly: I will not ship Max with Alex, I will not ship him with Cat, I do not like Max Lord goddamn, I do not like him Sam I Am.

Amber: Unlike “Green Eggs and Ham” this doesn’t end with us liking Maxwell Lord.

I did like his role in the episode even if I hate Max Lord. Supergirl is really torn in this episode, this show does her moral dilemmas really well. She really thinks about what to do. I think the “message of hope” is a little cheesey, but I’m still here for it.

Molly: BIG fan of undercover!Alex here.

Amber: Yeah I liked the undercover stuff. J’onn got to shape shift and Alex looked good in that wig. Plus, Eliza Danvers is amazing. I wish we had gotten more time out of the undercover stuff.


Molly: I don’t begrudge anyone this collection of tropes from westerns we call an episode, but it didn’t do much for me. Maybe because the only western I ever paid much attention to was Back to the Future III (the most underrated Back to the Future movie) or maybe because while I don’t know too much about the old west, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this wasn’t terribly accurate. I don’t know. I adore Anna Deavere Smith and I thought that her storyline with/as Kendra was the strongest.

Amber: I definitely didn’t hate it. They all looked super cool in their hates (especially Sara I hope she never takes it off) but that was also the highlight of the episode for me.

The bar fight scene was fun, but we all know I’m a sucker for these guys fighting in bars. That was a fun scene.

Jonah Hex showed up and that was cool. I don’t know much about him honestly, but he and Rip 10000000% dated each other. That made the episode enjoyable for me even after everyone took off their cowboy hats.

Molly: The end of the episode was promising. A lady assassin trying to take out their younger selves seems like my kind of episode.

Amber: I’m excited to see baby!Leonard again. Also I have started reading Leonard Snart fan-fiction so if anyone has any recommendations please send them my way.

Molly: Dear god, yes.

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Week Twenty-Four


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Molly: The part I keep weirdly fixating on is that her time of death (or “death” as I suspect, but we’ll get there) was 11:59. Not to mention that we cut to the clock immediately after. It seems like a very notable time. One minute before the next day begins.

However, I also recognize that that sounds like conspiracy theory rambling.

I have little to say about the rest of the episode. It was heavily rooted in stuff originating in flashbacks and I have not made my distaste for the flashbacks unknown. I was spoiled that something big happened but not on what. So mostly I felt a sense of doom impending and was bored by the statue thing. I didn’t just play Fish Out of Water instead of paying attention, but I sure wanted to.

Amber: So about 45 seconds ago, I watched Laurel Lance die. I knew it was coming (I got spoiled) but it’s been a long time since the death of a character made me cry like this. For reference, I am still crying.

The plot of the episode was boring, but the last 15 minutes were really good. Look, Arrow is my favorite show, for better or worse. The statue thing was boring and I really hated that “She’s my home line.” But I also got some amazing Thea/Laurel fight scenes and Oliver gripping Dig’s shoulder to comfort him.

I really hope Laurel Lance isn’t dead for good.

Molly: Onto that part, I really don’t think she is. The way it was staged, 11:59 aside, it sure sounds like she made Oliver promise to help her fake her death. The “she’s going to be fine” and then she’s not, the cutaway for the promise, I don’t think she’s dead. And I’m grateful. Because once she became the Black Canary (though not just because of that), Laurel Lance became this show’s best character and I am not ready to let her go. I didn’t cry and I felt bad about it. Maybe because it’s been so hard to be a queer woman watching TV lately or whatever else, I wasn’t sad. And if Laurel Lance is dead for real, I would be sad. I would cry. I hope she’s not dead and I don’t think she is. But I still feel bad that I didn’t cry for her.



Molly: Well, at least the secret baby storyline didn’t get followed through on and Kendra inadvertently quoted Joey Potter.

Unfortunately, I would’ve much rather watched Dawson’s Creek instead. Or, really, Futurama. Futurama did some of the same stories in this episode and better too. I like this show a lot, but this sure was not a great week.

Amber: It was definitely not the best episode, but at least we don’t have anymore secret children to deal with. We got some cute Sara/Leonard stuff and I liked her scene with Mick. (Plus Mick is back!!)

Molly: Jewel Staite was completely wasted, as she almost always is in guest spots and I don’t know why. She’s great! Use her!

I, once again, have little else to say because I honestly did not care that much about this episode. Also I’m at an airport waiting to go visit my sister.

Amber: I missed posting about Legends last week due to vacation, so I watched two episodes back together. It’s all kind of running together in my head, but I love Mick as Chronos.

I’m even buying into the Ray/Kendra stuff, but I’m expecting Hawkman to show back up soon. So, while I like what’s happening on LoT I’m struggling to find anything worth talking about. There was nothing inherently bad in this episode, but it doesn’t stand out especially from the previous episode.

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Twenty Three


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Amber: That was the cutest single episode I have ever seen.

Barry and Kara worked so well together and it was ADORABLE. If CBS does cancel Supergirl maybe the CW will pick it up and we can have episodes like this all the time!! Plus now I have a new ship- It’s Wynn/Barry. This episode was also the most I’ve liked Wynn.

Molly: Absolutely. The cutest moment in all of the history of television was Kara’s “Yes!” When Barry brought her ice cream, but Winn’s “That’s cool” when he learns about Barry accidentally time traveling sometimes was pretty darn adorable.

Amber: How fucking cool was the Banshee/Live Wire team up? Evil BFFs giving each other make-overs and plotting revenge. Sign me up. Although I don’t believe Siobhan would ever willingly do her make-up like that. Maybe she was hoping it would really annoy Cat?

Speaking of Cat, are we supposed to believe that she figured out Barry was the Flash, but is still in the dark about Kara? At this point she has to be just pretending not know. Cat Grant isn’t stupid. The only thing I would buy is that she’s too blinded by her love for Kara to admit the truth.

Molly: I fully expect Cat to be knowing and pretending otherwise, but I don’t know why we can’t just have her openly know. I’m bored of this and there will be more and better stories to tell with them, I think, once she knows.

Amber: This episode was awesome and I hope we get to do more of them in the future. I could have done 100% without Jealous Jimmy Olsen though.


Molly: The boy you secretly made out with in prep school, Hartley Rathaway, is back, Tom Cavanaugh has a blast playing Eobard Thawne again and The Flash fucking rickrolled me.

Amber: I really wish we could have had a reference to his visit with Kara. Can you imagine Cisco’s reaction to Supergirl?

I really liked the time-travelling episode. The time wraith was…weird, but I didn’t hate it. Plus, give me angry, determined, Barry Allen always.

Molly: I think the time wraith was the weak spot. I don’t mind the existence of them, it just should’ve looked less like a Supernatural villain and maybe been called something else. It just didn’t fit.

Amber: I loved that before he left everyone was like “Barry, don’t tell us ANYTHING.” And then he spends the rest of the episode giving them mild spoilers. Then he breaks the cardinal rule of time travel and tells everyone he’s from the future.

BOY AM I EXCITED FOR HARTLEY TO BE ON THE TEAM. I don’t have any real reason, but I’m excited anyway.

Molly: I think Hartley being around could add a really interesting dynamic, especially with Cisco and Caitlin. Someone they used to know but only before The Flash was born and changed all their lives. Though they might not know that, depending on how much he’s been around in the new timeline.

Ronnie got mentioned twice. Robbie Amell can never die. I assume (and hope) this means he’ll show up again by season’s end. I can only wish with all my might it’s good for Caitlin. (I also wouldn’t mind a reaction from Martin, even if it’s brief.)


Amber: Listen, I liked this episode, but all the Laurel/Oliver scenes gave me bad flashbacks. I really hope they don’t try to make that a thing again.

But Curtis got to help the team again! I loved it! More of Curtis on the team! I hope he starts getting more involved because I adore Curtis.

Molly: I loved having Curtis around. Maybe The Flash and Arrow can both now have queer men as part of the team, even just part of the secondary team. I do think this could set up an interesting dynamic with Curtis being fun and Oliver Olivering in the corner, in deep, dark pain.

I also really liked Brie. I adore villains who lean into their gimmick (a key reason why Batman and Robin remains my favorite Batman movie). She was dressed like a bee, when she videoed the attack, she used a bee instagram filter. It was incredible.

Amber: Thea and Felicity working together this episode was the best part for me. And that super adorable part where they curl up in the office and have a heart to heart! I am still mad about the break-up, but it’s giving us some good scenes I guess. Not to mention, aside from talking about how sad they both are that they aren’t together, Oliver and Felicity are not even hiding that they are still super in love.

I loved loved loved the four way sparring session. More sparring session and banter! That’s really all I want from this show.

Molly: I can think of several good sparring sessions this show has had (Sara, Diggle, and Oliver, followed by discussion of their scars; the opening montage of everyone sparring but Felicity last season). It’s always fun to see them training and, of course, bantering.

Amber: I honestly don’t even  remember what’s going on in the flashbacks? It’s really boring and as soon as they end it’s like it all gets wiped from my memory.

Molly: None of the flashbacks, including the ones with Sara, have ever made an impression on me, but this year’s seems even worse. I can only hope that if this show stays into season 6, that means we can be done with flashbacks once and for all.

Also: Arrow, don’t just throw around the word “cripple,” please. It’s not a word for public use!


Molly: Hoo boy, that was a big one.

Let’s start with the Chronos reveal because that was fantastic. I knew better than to believe Mick was actually dead, but I did not see that coming. I’m really looking forward to the way Mick is reintegrated into the team and how both he and Leonard deal with it.

Ray doesn’t understand why Kendra won’t miss being a woman of color in 1960 when she could be on a spaceship. That summary’s a bit disingenuous to Ray and I thought the general conflict was an interesting one, but it did come off reeking of white male privilege. And my favorite thing about this couple is the “fuck you, destiny” nature of it, which Kendra talked about.

As for Sara, I hope we see some fallout of a resurgence of darkness in her for being Ta-er Al-Sahfer again for two years and even the fact that when she was looking for a place to belong, she ran back to Ra’s without even Nyssa to make out with.

I’ve heard that Nyssa is in the promo for the season one finale, for which I am grateful. This reminded me that their story is unfinished, and one I badly want to see. Sara ensured that she’d meet Nyssa. She’s willing to have all this happen to her, the League, the killing, all of it, to make sure she meets Nyssa. I want to hear the rest of their story.

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Week Twenty Two


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Molly: That was a hell of a fourth act. I really enjoyed the flashbacks (always love a good origin story, or several, in this case), Lucy’s promotion seems very promising, and I’m very much looking forward to what’s next with Alex and Hank. The Siobhan reveal has some potential, but I’m not really sure what’s next there.

Amber: I’m hoping this is a sign that Lucy will have more to do. This episode was a really good follow up for last week. What I really want to see more of is Supergirl earning everyone’s trust back. I found myself wishing Cat would have made her work a little harder, but I guess it’s easy for Cat to forgive her because they’re in love.

Molly: The fact that Jeremiah is still alive is not exactly shocking, but I really enjoyed Dean Cain in every one of his scenes this episode and this is a strong story for Alex to find her father.

Amber: I never object to more Dean Cain.

Molly: We’re nearing the end of the season and the status quo has been blown up, but I for one can’t wait to see what the next three episodes hold.

Yesterday, CBS renewed a number of shows but still no word on Supergirl. I’ll be extremely disappointed if this show doesn’t get a season 2. It’s my favorite new show of the season and is consistently good and regularly great.


Molly: I don’t want to gloss over the fact that Beyoncé is a senator on Earth 2 and will undoubtedly be president one day.

I’m on record as being a big fan of scenes like the one at the bar where everyone just gets to hang out and bounce off one another. Plus that bar looked pretty fun. I’m also on record as being a big fan of Gigi Darcy coming in and busting shit up.

Amber: I really liked Trajectory, but I kinda wish she hadn’t run herself to death. It would have been cool to have a reoccurring lady speedster. Although, I’m guessing Jessie will have powers now. If I’m not getting a super fast Wally West this season, I’ll take a super fast Jessie Quick.

Molly: Trajectory was an awesome name and I was seriously annoyed that she died.

Jay (and Caitlin’s grief over Jay) was a big part of this episode, which makes sense considering he’s Zoom, but still, this is what we’ve been complaining about all year and I appreciate that this show is treating Caitlin better.

Amber: Me too, I still feel like Caitlin is a little hollow, but I bet them finding out Jay is Zoom could change that.

Give me Angry Barry everyday, okay? I wish I could run away from my problems and just go scream about it in a forest.

Cisco’s vibing is so dramatic and I love it. This was a pretty good episode, but all I kept thinking is “next week is the Supergirl/Flash crossover.”

Molly: I am so ready for it.


Amber: I protest this episode (even though it was decent) because WTF.

My ship got fake married and it didn’t even result in them getting back together? And they aren’t getting back together because????? Like nothing Felicity said in this episode made sense to the point where I’m starting to wonder if Felicity is a clone or a robot. Or maybe the writers forgot how to Felicity?

I’m sure other things happened besides me and Diggle shaking our heads in disapproval, but I’m struggling to remember what they were.

Molly: Once again, it all felt so contrived. I honestly don’t have much to say because I’m just so annoyed by Arrow right now. The trial happened which is maybe setting up some interesting things, but wasn’t terribly interesting right now. Season 4 of Arrow has been my favorite so far, but between the almost immediate disability cure and the bomb thrown into Olicity because there’s this belief on TV that once a couple gets together, they have to be torn apart as soon as possible, I don’t know anymore. Maybe if Oliver sleeps with Constantine while they’re apart I’ll feel better.

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