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Amber: I know I’ve complained about this for the past few weeks, but: this week Cisco tells Killer Frost that Caitlin was “devastated” by Ronnie’s death prompting me to launch an eye roll so epic I’m surprised my eyes didn’t get stuck.

Molly: Maybe if they had, we could sue The Flash for poor treatment of its women.

Amber: This is actually the second time we’ve had one of the male characters tell us how the death of a loved one affected Caitlin/Iris instead of, you know, us getting to see that on screen. Fuck. That. Shit.

Anyway, who is under the mask? My best guess is Henry Allen (Earth 1 version). We haven’t seen him all season and haven’t heard much about other than a passing reference that Barry didn’t want to tell him he was travelling to an alternate earth. It makes sense that Zoom would take someone close to Barry.

Molly: I think that’s a solid guess. I can’t imagine what’s so important about Jay Garrick that that would trump him trying to tap out who he is, but who knows. My first thought was also that he was tapping out his own name. He’s the real Jay Garrick. This doesn’t seem super likely to me, but I haven’t ruled it out and it could explain why Earth 1’s Jay Garrick had a different name. Or maybe Jay Garrick is Zoom.

Amber: And while we’re wildly theorizing: Who the fuck is Zoom? Possible candidates: Eddie Thawne! I personally hope it’s him. That could be really interesting. We’re pretty much agreed that it’s a doppleganger otherwise, right?

Molly: Earth 2 Eddie has seemed like the most likely option to me since the season started. (And maybe just maybe Iris will get to have feelings about it if it’s him.) Plus, we didn’t see him in Earth 2 and he’s a much bigger he’s-not-dead person to bring back for an alternate world than Floyd Lawton (though “Go see Suicide Squad” may have been the point of Floyd Lawton).


Amber: Wow, we made it like three episodes before miraculously solving Felicity’s disability. Really awesome.

Molly: I’m still angry at Adventure Time for Finn getting his arm back alarmingly fast. For references to why disability cures are a bad trope that hurt real disabled people: here you go.

Amber: Other things happened this week, but most importantly the fact that even though they’ve been doing this for years Team Arrow is terrible at tracking people.

Molly: Are you saying that using THE LOUDEST MOTORCYCLES IN THE WORLD to follow someone isn’t the best plan?

Amber: And how the fuck hasn’t Darhk figured out Green Arrow and Oliver Queen are the same person?

It appears that while the Surprise!Baby storyline isn’t dead, William’s mother is very dead. I’ve got a bad feeling we’ve got another Connor situation on our hands. So I guess we can prepare for the ruin of Arrow.

Molly: Season 4 of Arrow is already at least 400 times better than season 4 of Angel. Though I’ve hated this secret baby storyline since before the first time we dropped it.

I was confused a lot of the time as to what was happening, but clearly my favorite thing was whatever the hell these things are that Donna was adding to the reception.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 8.31.20 AM

Anyway, next week: VIXEN!


Molly: “My partner’s in prison.”

“And Ray.”

“Oh, yes, and Ray, I 100% did not mean that Ray and I are together in any way. He is terrible face-wise. I wasn’t even thinking about Ray ever, I didn’t mean him even the tiniest little bit no way no how who who even is Ray, huh? Is that the old one?”

(Disclaimer: Dumb jokes about the new ship aside, I am a big fan of him consistently referring to Mick as his partner.)

Amber: Leonard loves everyone so much and is so bad at showing it. Mick and Leonard were so cute this episode. It made my heart really happy.

Molly: And I love that Mick and Leonard are fully unashamed to be open about their partnership. These aren’t every-man-for-himself criminals. Mick literally says it’s not just his team he’s on, it’s Snart’s too.

We’re still going through some basic stages of team-building (though hopefully this is the last episode where Rip benches people and they inevitably reply, “But we’re a team!”), but I’m still enjoying this ride. I’m really looking forward to next week (as long as we’re not too wrapped up in Oliver, but I’m not worried).

Amber: This was a really great episode for building the relationships within the team. It brought some combinations that we haven’t gotten to see before and I’m starting to buy that they really care about each other.  I can’t even pick my favorite moment of this episode. But, fuck, do I love Mick Rory carrying unconscious people around.

Molly: Kendra didn’t get much more to do with Jax than flash some thumbs ups at him every once in a while, but that’s a pairing I’d like explored more.

Amber: I agree with that. Kendra, in general, needs more time on the show. Especially if she’s playing such an important role (in that ultimately she will have to kill Savage.) This was such a good episode for Jax. It’s the first time that I feel like the show has given a shit about him and I was so happy with what he got to do this episode.

Molly: Honestly, Jax’s reaction to destroyed Star City is one that I’m most interested in next week and I hope the show continues to grow him well. I thought the use of the connection with Martin worked well this episode.

Amber: I’m trying not to get excited, but that was totally Connor Hawke at the end right? Also, let’s meet future Oliver immediately.

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