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Molly: I’m just saying that in The Devil Wears Prada, the first assistant fell in love with the second assistant. I’m just saying there’s a precedent for these things. I’M JUST SAYING.

Amber: Too bad that girl is fucking awful. Even her name grates me.

Molly: Speaking of being in love with coworkers, Lucy is still: 1) Sore about James dating Superman and now maybe liking Supergirl. 2) Not getting enough to do. 3) Gorgeous.

Amber: I agree with all those things. I want to like Lucy, but she’s barely done anything. I am still more invested in her than anything to do with the Love Triangle. But that has been mercifully toned down the past few weeks. Due to, I suspect, the fact the show has already run out of things to do with it.

I really liked Astra’s funeral because it was so dramatic. I want 100% more Kryptonian drama on this show.

Molly: Absolutely. Kara and I are on the same page in that we both miss Astra (which was a nice moment), but the best way to get me to care about her stupid husband is to make him absurdly dramatic so then I at least have fun watching it.

Plus Kryptonian rituals having such value years after the destruction of Krypton is important to me.


Amber: Caitlin Snow got to have emotions!! She even got to explain her actions and felt like a real character rather than a cardboard cutout of a doctor. It was amazing.

Molly: We’ve made no secret that this has been a big problem with us this season, but this episode gave her what she deserves. She got to be upset, for the whole episode. It’s tied into how she feels about Ronnie dying, but it’s also its own thing.

Amber: ALSO KING SHARK. I kind of dig the way he’s animated it felt very cool. He looks so slimy and horrifying. Just like I dreamed he would.

Molly: I also absolutely loved Mrs. and Mr. ARGUS coming around. Not to mention that Lyla in that outfit and haircut made me ship her with Alex Danvers.

Amber: Wally West is a drama king and I am so glad he exists and is making cars that run on bacon grease. I know it’s gonna be a while before I get to see him do anything Flash related, but I love him. I’ve been wondering though, when he eventually gets his super speed, I wonder what his name will be? I doubt they’ll call him Kid Flash. Flash 2 maybe? Or maybe he’ll take the name Zoom??

Molly: If I had to guess, I think Barry will be out of commission for a bit and Wally will take up the mantle of The Flash, then Barry will get better and we’ll kick the can down the road a while avoiding giving him a name. Then I’m not sure.

Amber: In other news: Molly and I are right about all things. Jay Garrick (Earth 1? Earth 2? Clone?) is Zoom. Idk who the fuck he just killed, but I’m excited to find out.

Molly: I made like 15 guesses and that was one of them, so I have full rights to be obnoxiously smug about it.


Molly: The good: VIXEN. The bad: Convoluted reasons to break up the main couple and, of course, a magical disability cure for Felicity.

Amber: I can’t honestly believe I had to sit through that. It felt so pointless and unnatural I can’t even believe it. AND THAT’S WHEN SHE CAN WALK AGAIN? We get about .5 seconds of her going through physical therapy, but it’s leaving Oliver that makes it all kick in???? what is happening on this show? First of all, I get that Oliver lied. And on paper Felicity’s reasons for leaving make sense, but it felt out of character. After all they’ve been through this seems like any easy thing to, you know, sit down and discuss. That didn’t feel like my OTP and I’m not just saying that because they broke up. It’s because the break up was gratuitous. I know this is the CW and we’re all here for the drama, but that was totally fucking unnecessary.

Molly: When they want to break up queer lady ships, they just murder one of them, so at least it’s not that, but man, this was incredibly manufactured and forced and I was remarkably bored by it.

And wow, not only do we have the awful disability cure trope, but they somehow managed to pair it with Throwing Off the Disability, which is an impressive mix. Last week, I linked to several articles about why disability cures are bad, but in case you missed it, it essentially boils down to a couple things. Most disabled people stay disabled. Not a lot of cures exist. A lot of people don’t really want cures. And curing a disabled character takes away disability representation and representation is so low and often poor that losing one is a significant blow.

Amber: Vixen was awesome. And totally right about everything. It’s too bad she was here for such a craptastic episode. The only other thing I liked was Thea yelling at Malcolm. Or, I guess, I also liked when Malcolm got really offended when Thea accused him of something he totally did.

Molly: I respect John Diggle a great deal, but I 100% agreed with Mari that the best thing for this kid is for Oliver to be far, far away from him. I loved how she was with Oliver, I thought she was fun in a fight and that her effects showed up well in live action. Give her her own show is what I’m saying.

Another moment of the episode I really liked was Laurel feeling pain about Oliver impregnanting someone else while they were dating. I loved that she acknowledged that it doesn’t matter now, for so many reasons, but it still just hurt a little.


Amber: How much did I love old Oliver Queen? SO MUCH. That beard. Wrinkles. It almost made up for everyone being dead. Connor Hawke aka John Diggle Jr. made my heart happy also.

Molly: I loved Connor Hawke. I don’t have anything deeper to say, I just really really liked him.

Amber: I loved Mic and Leonard in this episode. Mic’s line “I’ve never been tight with anyone!!!” like he wasn’t talking to his best friend was amazing. But I also liked that we’re getting real character development for Leonard this is really becoming more about saving the world for him and less about a score. Hopefully, we can see similar growth from Mic at some point. I wonder how long he’ll pretend he and Ray aren’t actually bros.

Molly: Not to mention that Mick loves Grease, a tidbit I will treasure to my dying day.

Amber: I found the Jax/Ray/Kendra stuff pretty unnecessary. But I liked Martin and Jax being able to sense each other’s feelings. That was real cute. I guess it’s about time for a love triangle on this show anyway. Since it’s physically impossible for a CW show not to have one.

Molly: I’m not opposed to romance and/or sex within the team, but this was a very boring starting point. Anyway, can Jax come build my bookcase though because it’s been strewn across my apartment floor for over a week now?

Amber: Sara Lance finally wore something I didn’t like. That coat was kinda dumb.

Molly: Rip’s coat though! Always a fan of the badass longcoat.

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