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Amber: That was the cutest single episode I have ever seen.

Barry and Kara worked so well together and it was ADORABLE. If CBS does cancel Supergirl maybe the CW will pick it up and we can have episodes like this all the time!! Plus now I have a new ship- It’s Wynn/Barry. This episode was also the most I’ve liked Wynn.

Molly: Absolutely. The cutest moment in all of the history of television was Kara’s “Yes!” When Barry brought her ice cream, but Winn’s “That’s cool” when he learns about Barry accidentally time traveling sometimes was pretty darn adorable.

Amber: How fucking cool was the Banshee/Live Wire team up? Evil BFFs giving each other make-overs and plotting revenge. Sign me up. Although I don’t believe Siobhan would ever willingly do her make-up like that. Maybe she was hoping it would really annoy Cat?

Speaking of Cat, are we supposed to believe that she figured out Barry was the Flash, but is still in the dark about Kara? At this point she has to be just pretending not know. Cat Grant isn’t stupid. The only thing I would buy is that she’s too blinded by her love for Kara to admit the truth.

Molly: I fully expect Cat to be knowing and pretending otherwise, but I don’t know why we can’t just have her openly know. I’m bored of this and there will be more and better stories to tell with them, I think, once she knows.

Amber: This episode was awesome and I hope we get to do more of them in the future. I could have done 100% without Jealous Jimmy Olsen though.


Molly: The boy you secretly made out with in prep school, Hartley Rathaway, is back, Tom Cavanaugh has a blast playing Eobard Thawne again and The Flash fucking rickrolled me.

Amber: I really wish we could have had a reference to his visit with Kara. Can you imagine Cisco’s reaction to Supergirl?

I really liked the time-travelling episode. The time wraith was…weird, but I didn’t hate it. Plus, give me angry, determined, Barry Allen always.

Molly: I think the time wraith was the weak spot. I don’t mind the existence of them, it just should’ve looked less like a Supernatural villain and maybe been called something else. It just didn’t fit.

Amber: I loved that before he left everyone was like “Barry, don’t tell us ANYTHING.” And then he spends the rest of the episode giving them mild spoilers. Then he breaks the cardinal rule of time travel and tells everyone he’s from the future.

BOY AM I EXCITED FOR HARTLEY TO BE ON THE TEAM. I don’t have any real reason, but I’m excited anyway.

Molly: I think Hartley being around could add a really interesting dynamic, especially with Cisco and Caitlin. Someone they used to know but only before The Flash was born and changed all their lives. Though they might not know that, depending on how much he’s been around in the new timeline.

Ronnie got mentioned twice. Robbie Amell can never die. I assume (and hope) this means he’ll show up again by season’s end. I can only wish with all my might it’s good for Caitlin. (I also wouldn’t mind a reaction from Martin, even if it’s brief.)


Amber: Listen, I liked this episode, but all the Laurel/Oliver scenes gave me bad flashbacks. I really hope they don’t try to make that a thing again.

But Curtis got to help the team again! I loved it! More of Curtis on the team! I hope he starts getting more involved because I adore Curtis.

Molly: I loved having Curtis around. Maybe The Flash and Arrow can both now have queer men as part of the team, even just part of the secondary team. I do think this could set up an interesting dynamic with Curtis being fun and Oliver Olivering in the corner, in deep, dark pain.

I also really liked Brie. I adore villains who lean into their gimmick (a key reason why Batman and Robin remains my favorite Batman movie). She was dressed like a bee, when she videoed the attack, she used a bee instagram filter. It was incredible.

Amber: Thea and Felicity working together this episode was the best part for me. And that super adorable part where they curl up in the office and have a heart to heart! I am still mad about the break-up, but it’s giving us some good scenes I guess. Not to mention, aside from talking about how sad they both are that they aren’t together, Oliver and Felicity are not even hiding that they are still super in love.

I loved loved loved the four way sparring session. More sparring session and banter! That’s really all I want from this show.

Molly: I can think of several good sparring sessions this show has had (Sara, Diggle, and Oliver, followed by discussion of their scars; the opening montage of everyone sparring but Felicity last season). It’s always fun to see them training and, of course, bantering.

Amber: I honestly don’t even  remember what’s going on in the flashbacks? It’s really boring and as soon as they end it’s like it all gets wiped from my memory.

Molly: None of the flashbacks, including the ones with Sara, have ever made an impression on me, but this year’s seems even worse. I can only hope that if this show stays into season 6, that means we can be done with flashbacks once and for all.

Also: Arrow, don’t just throw around the word “cripple,” please. It’s not a word for public use!


Molly: Hoo boy, that was a big one.

Let’s start with the Chronos reveal because that was fantastic. I knew better than to believe Mick was actually dead, but I did not see that coming. I’m really looking forward to the way Mick is reintegrated into the team and how both he and Leonard deal with it.

Ray doesn’t understand why Kendra won’t miss being a woman of color in 1960 when she could be on a spaceship. That summary’s a bit disingenuous to Ray and I thought the general conflict was an interesting one, but it did come off reeking of white male privilege. And my favorite thing about this couple is the “fuck you, destiny” nature of it, which Kendra talked about.

As for Sara, I hope we see some fallout of a resurgence of darkness in her for being Ta-er Al-Sahfer again for two years and even the fact that when she was looking for a place to belong, she ran back to Ra’s without even Nyssa to make out with.

I’ve heard that Nyssa is in the promo for the season one finale, for which I am grateful. This reminded me that their story is unfinished, and one I badly want to see. Sara ensured that she’d meet Nyssa. She’s willing to have all this happen to her, the League, the killing, all of it, to make sure she meets Nyssa. I want to hear the rest of their story.

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