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Molly: The part I keep weirdly fixating on is that her time of death (or “death” as I suspect, but we’ll get there) was 11:59. Not to mention that we cut to the clock immediately after. It seems like a very notable time. One minute before the next day begins.

However, I also recognize that that sounds like conspiracy theory rambling.

I have little to say about the rest of the episode. It was heavily rooted in stuff originating in flashbacks and I have not made my distaste for the flashbacks unknown. I was spoiled that something big happened but not on what. So mostly I felt a sense of doom impending and was bored by the statue thing. I didn’t just play Fish Out of Water instead of paying attention, but I sure wanted to.

Amber: So about 45 seconds ago, I watched Laurel Lance die. I knew it was coming (I got spoiled) but it’s been a long time since the death of a character made me cry like this. For reference, I am still crying.

The plot of the episode was boring, but the last 15 minutes were really good. Look, Arrow is my favorite show, for better or worse. The statue thing was boring and I really hated that “She’s my home line.” But I also got some amazing Thea/Laurel fight scenes and Oliver gripping Dig’s shoulder to comfort him.

I really hope Laurel Lance isn’t dead for good.

Molly: Onto that part, I really don’t think she is. The way it was staged, 11:59 aside, it sure sounds like she made Oliver promise to help her fake her death. The “she’s going to be fine” and then she’s not, the cutaway for the promise, I don’t think she’s dead. And I’m grateful. Because once she became the Black Canary (though not just because of that), Laurel Lance became this show’s best character and I am not ready to let her go. I didn’t cry and I felt bad about it. Maybe because it’s been so hard to be a queer woman watching TV lately or whatever else, I wasn’t sad. And if Laurel Lance is dead for real, I would be sad. I would cry. I hope she’s not dead and I don’t think she is. But I still feel bad that I didn’t cry for her.



Molly: Well, at least the secret baby storyline didn’t get followed through on and Kendra inadvertently quoted Joey Potter.

Unfortunately, I would’ve much rather watched Dawson’s Creek instead. Or, really, Futurama. Futurama did some of the same stories in this episode and better too. I like this show a lot, but this sure was not a great week.

Amber: It was definitely not the best episode, but at least we don’t have anymore secret children to deal with. We got some cute Sara/Leonard stuff and I liked her scene with Mick. (Plus Mick is back!!)

Molly: Jewel Staite was completely wasted, as she almost always is in guest spots and I don’t know why. She’s great! Use her!

I, once again, have little else to say because I honestly did not care that much about this episode. Also I’m at an airport waiting to go visit my sister.

Amber: I missed posting about Legends last week due to vacation, so I watched two episodes back together. It’s all kind of running together in my head, but I love Mick as Chronos.

I’m even buying into the Ray/Kendra stuff, but I’m expecting Hawkman to show back up soon. So, while I like what’s happening on LoT I’m struggling to find anything worth talking about. There was nothing inherently bad in this episode, but it doesn’t stand out especially from the previous episode.

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