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Molly: First and very most importantly: Fuck yeah, Danvers women!

Eliza saved Alex, Alex saved Kara, Kara saves everyone. That was incredible. From Alex piloting that ship to her adorable little smile when Kara wakes up, it was all wonderful to watch. Alex and Kara’s relationship has been the most important this season by far and I so appreciate that.

Amber: Eliza should definitely be on the team full time.

BUT WHAT WE REALLY NEED TO TALK ABOUT: All those Cat/Kara scenes….tore me up. When Cat gives her the office and calls her Kara it was probably my favorite moment of the season.

Plus, Cat Grant knows. I can say that with certainty now. She’s also in love with Kara.

My other favorite part of this episode was the Superman cameo where we just saw his boots. Amazing.

Molly: I understand the difficulty of figuring out what to do with Clark in this show, but I hope that now that we’ve gotten through the first season and have solidified Kara’s standing, maybe in season two we can actually see Superman.

That is, assuming we have a season two, which I will assume, though it has still weirdly not been confirmed. Though I also heard Lynda Carter had been amazingly cast as the president for season two, so I don’t know what to make of any of it.

I really enjoyed this season as a whole and I am looking forward to more. It stumbled at times but it regularly focused on the right things and it is telling a story worthy of Kara and that’s the most important thing.


Amber: Caitlin and Iris have a conversation, but it amounts to talking about Barry. So while progress has been made this season…it’s not very much. It might just be me but I haven’t seen any signs of Iris developing feelings for Barry? Once again they are telling us, not showing us, how the girls feel.

All in all, I liked this episode.

Jay Garrick aka Zoom aka Hunter Zolomon aka total asshat has a real thing for kidnapping people.

I’m expecting for Barry to get his speed back eventually, but it sort of felt like you guys could have just taken the opportunity to…I don’t know…trap Zoom once you got Wally out of there?

Molly: I really liked this episode overall too. I’m hoping this means Wally can be brought in on the secret, which I think we all would enjoy. Plus it’ll make it easier if they’re all living together (which I also love).

I am looking forward to where we go from here with Cisco. Not to mention this should make it easier for Kara and Barry to meet again sometime.


Amber: Leonard Snart as a baby! Now all I can think about is Leonard raising himself as a baby. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Molly: Oh my god. Why didn’t I think of that? I will think of nothing else forever.

Amber: Anyway, I’m kind of confused why they won’t return their younger selves yet? It could potentially send all of time into chaos, but Rip wants to wait??? (Side note: how cool was young Rip?)

Molly: I am also confused on this point. Which probably means the answer is “*waving arms* Oooh, don’t look over here and think about this; we need to set up more conflict later on!” But I’ll live with it since one day we’ll have to get back to conflicts that are actually about Vandal Savage and I don’t really care if we do get back to that or not.

Amber: How many episodes are we going to deal with Kendra/Ray debating on wether or not to fight fate? Or at least give us some tactical obstacles for them to face. I say that, but I’m expecting Hawkman to show up at anytime so….maybe I take it back.

Molly: I assume Hawkman will reappear very, very quickly or else we could’ve moved this conflict off an episode because my goodness did we gloss over the whole, “My dead fiancee is in the other room” aspect of Ray and Kendra.

There was a lot of stuff I really liked in this episode, but I really think we should’ve made this a two-parter. We didn’t really have enough time to focus on any of the stuff I was enjoying except maybe Sara and her dad. But we zoomed over Mick killing his parents, seeing more of young versions of themselves, and, like I said, Ray’s dead fiancee. I’m glad we spent time with Rip’s mom. I always like that actress and that was interesting, but that was the only bit that felt close to given the time it deserved.

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