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Molly: Both The Flash and Arrow this week got bogged down a bit by random teenage threats who distracted from the main stories the episodes were trying to tell. I understand why this happened. An episode where Barry deals with losing his powers and they have no one to fight isn’t easy to pitch, but it also felt like it dragged from the point a bit.

I did enjoy Caitlin and Killer Frost talking, particularly about their mothers. I find Zoom actually having fallen in love with Caitlin unexpectedly to be a predictable and a bit boring of a story point, but it has the potential to go somewhere more interesting.

Amber: I loved all the Caitlin and Killer Frost stuff. More of this Flash writers less of me having to sit through speeches where someone tells Iris West how she is feeling. I’m super disappointed with Iris’ presence in this season. We’re nearing the end and she’s had nothing to do. It’s frustrating. I’m glad to see that Caitlin Snow is getting to have emotions, but what the hell do we have to do to get these women a storyline that isn’t about who they’re in love with or who is in love/has kidnapped them?

Molly: Harry is full of dumb ideas this week. I wish I had more to say this week, but I don’t. The end of the season feels in sight for this show but we’ve still got a ways to go before we actually get there.

Amber: I agree with that. And everyone was kind of going back to business as usual? Not desperately searching for a way to get save Caitlin? Barry literally gave up his powers to save Wally (not that I’m complaining) but Caitlin is gone and he just…goes back to work? And then mopes?

Although, I do love an angsty Barry Allen.


Amber: What was this episode even? Some kid is running around as Black Canary, then Diggle tries to kill someone, and then everyone shows up to Laurel’s funeral except Sara.

Molly: Welcome to the Who Can Blame Themselves the Most Olympics and everyone gets a gold medal.

Amber: I guess I liked the Evelyn Sharp stuff. I’m always here for more teenage girl superheroes. We could have probably waited an episode to get a new Black Canary, but whatever. Maybe Laurel will come back, then she and Thea can raise Evelyn together.

Molly: I think it would’ve worked for me better if it had been next episode. I’m also all for teenage girl superheroes. One of my only complaints about the Deadpool movie is that Negasonic Teenage Warhead didn’t get nearly enough to do.

Amber: Also, those flashbacks, UGH. Guess what I’m not here for? Revisiting Oliver/Laurel and all the dumb stuff they say to each other. And honestly it was a nice break from whatever has been going on in the flashback this season. I still don’t really know what’s going on there.

Molly: We played fast and loose with timeline canon back there, but I didn’t hate all of it. Plus I always like remembering Tommy.

Amber: Speaking of dumb stuff to say, Oliver saying “I’ve seen this movie.” And then really dramatically leaving.

So, it’s starting to feel like Laurel is really dead? But Katie Cassidy will appear as Earth 2 Laurel in a couple of weeks, so who knows? Still mad Sara missed the funeral.

Molly: I know Sara’s time traveling, which makes it difficult to contact her, but I just feel weird in a very bad way with her not knowing.

Also, Arrow, please be better to Nyssa next season. You were great to her in season 3 and have treated her terrible in season 4. Nyssa, Katrina Law, and I all deserve better.


Amber: Okay, there a lot of things I liked about this episode: things got bigger, Kendra had her mace, Jefferson gave an inspiring speech, etc. But I’m confused about Kassandra? At first I assumed she was Scandal Savage. Then I thought she was Cassandra Cain with Scandal Savage’s plot line?

Apparently in the New 52 there’s a Kassandra Savage. I’m unfamiliar with her, but I don’t know why we wouldn’t use Scandal Savage??

I really liked when Ray got giant though. And I’ve been waiting all season for Kendra to get to use the mace. So those things both made the episode enjoyable for me.

Plus, I’ve got a feeling they’re gonna try to hook Lenny and this Kassandra up, which I’m not for. Has no one been listening? He’s in love with Barry Allen.

Molly: Am I really supposed to believe Sara Lance is stumped on how to kill someone with a bracelet? Really?
As for this episode, I agree that Ray should get big more, but I just wasn’t that enthused by the rest of it.

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