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Amber: It’s hard for me to be sad about Barry when A) We know he’s coming back, and B) We’re getting two new speedsters!!!!!!!!!! I’m pretty excited that Wally and Jesse get powers at the same time. They definitely want me to ship it and I’m good with that.

Molly: That is so promising. I’ve been excited hoping for either of them to get powers and now they both do and can figure it out together. And I’m excited to see more of each of them.

Amber: Henry Allen was giving off really shady vibes this week. I can’t explain, but he’s up to something.

Iris looked amazing this episode. I kinda thought her speech was….I mean it was fine, but I kinda wanted Iris to be like, “Come on we gotta get Caitlin back!” Actually, I just wanted anyone to say that. Seriously, Wells was the only one who came up with an actual plan. Even if it was a terrible that resulted in Barry’s death. (Or more likely he’s trapped in the speed force.)

Molly: I was kind of hoping for more from Iris too, but what else is new.

Amber: I kept thinking during the penultimate scene that it was way too dramatic unless it actually did kill him and then, well, it did. (I mean, no it didn’t, but it seemingly did.) Trapped in the speed force makes sense as possibly does Wells and Barry doing something to fake his death so Zoom thinks he’s gone.


We both liked this episode fairly well, actually, but didn’t have much to say about it, due in large part to our brains being consumed by thinking about Civil War 24/7. Apologies.


Amber: The first thing I wanna say about this episode is that “River of Time” is a dumb title.

Molly: I’m not saying Arthur Darvill can’t be on an episode called River of Time, I’m just saying if he is, it’s not for this show.

Amber: I’m also not entirely sure what I just watched, but I loved it? Sara in the pilot’s seat and “I’ve never been one to back down from a fight.” Plus “Leonard Snart, Robber of ATMS.”

Molly: Vandal-Savage-taunting-people-from-his-cage would’ve worked better for me if I like him better as a villain, but it’s still a pretty good setup, but what really worked for me were the flashbacks. Jax with his mother was very sweet. Ray and Felicity’s scene is exactly the kind of friendship I love to imagine they have now. Though the scene did serve as a reminder to how annoyingly brief her time using a wheelchair was. It’s a half season later and that story is long gone. They weren’t interested in writing actual disability representation. They just wanted to shock us. Moving along to…

The Sara and Nyssa scene. I wish they had kissed, but I’m going to put that aside because that scene was excellent. It gave Nyssa and Sara the weight that the relationship does deserve. I had always imagined that Sara went to go see Nyssa again and wished we had seen it and now we have. Nyssa’s feelings have never been in doubt, but this episode seems to confirm that Sara still loves her too. And I would pay good money to put Nyssa on the team for next season. (Someone on Twitter did suggest that next season’s team should be all-queer; Sara, Nyssa, Hartley Rathaway, Mr. Terrific, Leonard, Captain Singh, and I think that is the best idea I’ve ever heard.)

Amber: Kendra was a grade A badass this episode even though I wish she had stuck more to her “fuck fate” philosophy.

Molly: This is the most annoying possible end to the Ray and Kendra storyline. It doesn’t go down as one of the world’s great ships to me (about once a week, I’d send Amber a message that just read “ugh @ straight people”), but it did sometimes keep my interest and easily my favorite part of it was the “fuck fate” factor. Throwing that away this quickly feels like the most boring option. After Ray said that Hawkman had stolen his girl (which, well, ugh @ straight people), I sincerely thought Kendra was going to say that he hadn’t lost her. That it would be weird, but she wasn’t lying when she said she loved him and was committed to him. But nope! Ray and Kendra’s story so far, particularly the fuck fate part is meaningless if they instead do not fuck destiny and go right along with what destiny had planned. Not being with Carter would be the more interesting choice for her right now, even if it ended differently.

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