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Molly: I met my threshold for sap 15 minutes from the end of this episode, but I should’ve had a greater tolerance, because the hits just kept on coming. I mean, honestly, that was a lot.

Amber: As cheesey as it was, I kind of loved it? It was kind of weird and maybe over the top, but it felt like the Flash and I was okay with it. Plus, I really liked the “Runaway Dinosaur.”

This episode also reminded me why I love Barry? He just wants to save his friends and run away from all his problems. Anyway, I’m glad he’s not dead and has his powers back.

Molly: This isn’t an entirely fair criticism, but the Runaway Dinosaur part annoyed me a bit because I thought the mom in the story need to just chill and let him be whatever dinosaur he wanted.

Amber: I still don’t trust Henry Allen.

Barry/Iris has never really gotten me excited. But this episode is the first time I have kinda shipped it. Iris brought him back and I loved their scene in the graveyard (especially the kiss on the cheek) but a big part of that had to do with Iris being written well. So keep it up, The Flash!

Molly: I agree. I am looking forward to their future and I hope they can write Iris well enough in season three to make it worth it.

Amber: Maybe next week everyone will remember Caitlin is being held prisoner by Zoom.

Molly: Seems unlikely, but we can always hope.


Molly: I’m not really sure how I feel about the episode as a whole, but I know I liked Felicity and her father. The way he and Felicity worked together and the way they bounced off each other, both good and bad, was extremely enjoyable to watch. And he was given exactly zero (0) free passes and I sincerely hope it continues that way.

Amber: I’m at least glad they are finally writing Felicity well again. Still don’t believe she and Oliver are really broken up, but whatever….

Molly: I’m trying to figure out what made this apocalypse feel so hollow. My favorite show of all time is probably Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which had its fair share of apocalypses. I was never under the impression that the world might actually end, so the fact that Arrow’s end-of-the-world felt low stakes doesn’t seem like the problem. Buffy also had a few apocalypses that felt contrived (Doomed, specifically), but this wasn’t that either. Buffy’s apocalypses were always building to something else and had a point beyond the end of the world, but that wasn’t always apparent until the very end and we’re not done with Arrow, so maybe things will feel stronger in the next episodes.

Amber: I think the main problem is that the writers also don’t know who these characters are and haven’t made much of an effort to make any characters that aren’t main cast important.

That being said, Diggle has had great couple of episodes and I’m happy about that. We got some quality BROT3 time in.

And to the point of the lackluster apocalypse, they haven’t made it clear how or why the end of the world is happening so it’s hard for me to feel concerned? The motivations this season have been dubious at best both for the heroes and the villains.

Molly: P.S. Arrow, make your third and fourth tier characters more memorable! Once a week, I send Amber a message saying, “Arrow thinks I know who this character is but I swear I’ve never seen this man before in my life.”


Molly: I’m tired of shows killing people of color. Tired tired tired. DC’s movies have little to offer me in terms of women, people of color, and queer people. Their TV shows were better than that (they both suck at disabled characters). But not today. Not today, I guess, because now Leonard Snart is dead.

I think there has been a great influx of killing characters on TV, which I hate in the first place, but no one has gotten the brunt of it worse than people of color and queer women and today, just after the resurrection of the white dude they killed off, they kill a man of color.

There’s a reason “LGBT fans deserve better” and “POC fans deserve better” have been trending every Thursday night. It’s because it’s true! I spent the better part of a month genuinely terrified Civil War was going to kill off one of the MCU’s men of color. I lost sleep over it. 2016 has been a nightmare and Legends of Tomorrow just added to that.

Amber: I don’t have much more to add to that than “Agreed.” I actually refuse to accept most of what happened in this episode.

But let me just say, I love Mick Rory with everything in me. First he resisted brain washing by hating the team and the he resisted it because HE LOVED THEM. I can’t ask for more than that really.

I don’t know how I feel about what went down between Sara and Leonard. The kiss was too much though. And, honestly, I can’t believe he would cheat on Mick like that???

Anyway, whatever that was I wish it were more drawn out. I don’t really know what’s happening on this show anymore, but I’m mostly on board? I think. Just bring Leonard back and we’ll be cool. (Pun definitely intended)

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