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Molly: Let’s start with this: I hated the Black Siren stuff and I loved the Black Siren stuff. It was a very complicated episode for me.

She looked incredible and she was wildly fun. I had a blast watching her fuck Central City up. However, this felt like appeasement. Based on what happened in Legends of Tomorrow, it seems like Laurel may return, but this just felt like they wanted to fling Black Siren at us to make us stop talking so much about losing Laurel. And perhaps they were actually trying to go for a peace offering, but it did not go over well with me.

Amber: I agree with that. I was here for it, but I also WAS NOT. It kind of felt to me like another sign we could get her back, but? I don’t know it was weird to pick her to be the villain in The Flash when her status on Arrow is so….dead.

What I was here for was everything Wally West did. Which isn’t a surprise, but I’m really happy with where they are taking Wally right now. (But please give him superpowers okay thanks.)

Also, okay, I did kind of love Barry being optimistic in this episode. Hope is Barry’s thing. Like he really wants to believe in stuff. And this episode he is SO SURE that he is going to win. Everyone doubts him, but he doesn’t care. And then just the worst possible thing happens.

I’m really interested to see how Henry’s death is going to change Barry. I kind of thought it was coming and even in death I don’t trust Henry, but I liked that last scene a lot.


Molly: How weird and disconcerting is brightly lit Arrow?

Amber: Yeah them fighting in the brightly lit suburb was weird? Even though I loved everything Oliver and Thea did this episode.

Even when all Curtis does is emotionally support Felicity it’s still perfect.

I mistrust all father figures on television which I think says a lot about me. Still, Felicity and her dad had cute stuff this episode. And this episode was a good reminder of what BAMF Donna Smoak is.

Molly: My favorite stuff to watch was the stuff with Curtis, Felicity and her parents. And it sort of feels like we may be building to something big happening with Curtis in the finale which I am more than 1000% on board for.


Amber: I’m gonna start at the end because we saw Arthur Darvill at Planet Comic-Con this weekend. I hadn’t seen the episode but as soon as he mentioned the JSA I kinda freaked out?

I honestly don’t know what they’ll do with it??? But I’m READY. (Also give me a Green Lantern. I don’t even care which one.)

Anyway, I liked the killing Vandal in three different time periods. It was a fun series finale even if I felt like it was kind of rushed.

Molly: I agree that that was a solid ending and hopefully next season we get a better villain.

Amber: I am sad that (for now) Kendra isn’t on the team, but I guess if it means no Hawkman I’ll take it. I’m not sure what the status for Dominic Purcell or Wentworth Miller will be since “Prison Break” will be on next fall as well, but please give Leonard Snart back to me. He didn’t get to kiss one dude. Just let him come back to kiss Barry Allen.

Molly: I imagine it won’t take long for the Hawks to rejoin. I believe Prison Break is a limited run, though this is set to come back in October instead of midseason, so who knows. And I will never in my life give up my dream of having Leonard Snart kiss a man, even if it’s not Barry Allen (but also it should be Barry Allen, I mean really).

And the scene with Snart and Mick was excellent. I’m not sure whether Leonard’s coming back or not, but that was a nice way to end his arc for the season at least.

I think it might be interesting to watch how the Lance sisters differ in their reactions to losing each other.

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