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Molly: Jay Garrick, villain of season 2, wants to settle this once and for all with a Field Day event.

Amber: My personal favorite part of the episode was when they locked Barry in a cell and then Wally let him out.

But what the hell. So much just happened I’m not sure where to start. Oh wait– We probably didn’t need to ever see time wraiths again.

Molly: The time wraiths were a bad call the first time and a VERY bad call the second, not only because it felt like a cop-out.

Amber: I didn’t hate the episode, but a lot of it felt…rushed. Plus, having Barry go back and change his mom’s death felt like a step backwards for him. I don’t really think, especially given the speed force episode, that he would do something so colossally stupid.

Molly: I wouldn’t use the word hate for this episode, but my feelings were not terribly positive. I don’t know what to expect from that last minute with his mom. I really don’t know if I’m looking forward to that or not in terms of story, but I definitely agree with you that this was a stupid idea and it didn’t feel earned.

I accept that Barry can’t be with someone right now, though I hope they don’t drag this out too long. I want to see what Barry and Iris are like together.


Molly: I appreciated the mantle of Giving the Downtrodden Hero an Inspiring Speech to Curtis. Even if then Oliver turned around and gave that speech to others and got full credit for it.

Amber: I liked everything Curtis got to do this episode and I really excited for him to come back.

I love Oliver Queen so much and even though I am 100% sure him being Mayor will end in disaster…I’m really looking forward to it.

Molly: I didn’t care for either of these finales, but with The Flash, parts of it felt sloppy. Arrow’s finale felt fine, it just wasn’t that interested in what I am interested in. And that’s okay sometimes.

Amber: I guess I’m mainly disappointed that I’ve got to accept Laurel Lance’s death for the moment. Why does CW want to kill the things I love so badly???

Molly: I don’t feel good about where we ended things for Laurel’s death. I’m really tired, guys. I’m just going to go watch Steven Universe. They’re not going to kill anyone (and certainly not bury any of their gays).

Molly: And that’s a wrap for this season of DC’s TV universe. It’s been an interesting year. The Flash had a worse second season than its first, but it picked up near the end. Arrow had some of its best stuff but also some stuff that really really annoyed me (still not over Felicity’s disability cure, in case you were wondering). Supergirl had a fantastic inaugural year and I’m really looking forward to next season (with Lynda Carter as the president!). Legends of Tomorrow was a mixed bag, but I’m glad it’s getting another go.

As for whether these reviews will return next season or not (and whether they might include Powerless, which we’re both looking forward to), the jury’s still out. Or it might just be Amber. I’m not sure yet, we’ll see. But we’ll definitely post during the hiatus. I have some things I need to say about Faking It, we might watch the Supergirl movie (and/or other movies), and I’m planning on hosting a 22-hour marathon of every Mary-Kate and Ashley movie for my friends and I’m positive I’ve live-blog it. We’re also tossing around the idea of doing some kind of book club thing here.

And if you’ve read any of these reviews, thank you. We really do appreciate it.

Amber: I don’t have anything more significant to add, but thanks for reading! And I’m excited to see what next season brings even if we don’t blog about it.

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