DC TV Universe Review: Week Twenty One


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Molly: So…this episode was incredible. It’s a game changer for J’onn, the Danvers sisters are given a wonderful moment, as are Supergirl and Cat, and Red Kryptonite turns Kara into lesbian Regina George (which is to say, Regina George).

Amber: I spent the first half of this episode really attracted to Kara and the second half terrified of her. And that’s exactly how I want a Red Kryptonite episode to go.

It was so good and I had fun watching it. EXCEPT I HATED THE JIMMY/KARA DANCE SCENE. It gave me horrible Buffy flashbacks. But this proved to me that Supergirl was a show worth sticking around for. At first I thought it might be too early for a Red Kryptonite episode, but it worked within the anger theme that we’ve been dealing with all season. And, damn, do I love Kara when she doesn’t give a fuck, but it’s also scary.

Molly: I forgot about that terrible scene in Buffy, thanks for reminding me. But you’re exactly right. This is the best episode of the show so far and it proves this show is worth it. This show doesn’t shy away from all the anger and pain and the cheerfulness and optimism of Kara. This show cares deeply about its lead character and this was a stunning episode for her.

Amber: The problem with Supergirl is that I’m not sure they knew what kind of show they wanted to be when the first started other than they wanted to be a feminist show. Which, obviously, I’m all for, but they have all this unnecessary baggage of characters that they don’t know what to do with. They drag out Lucy Lane whenever they need a little extra love triangle drama, but she’s stronger than either of the male leads. They pretty much use Wynn and Jimmy Olsen as interchangeable props to give Kara advice she doesn’t need or as the weekly love interest. They have backed off the love triangle slightly, but I don’t think it’s dead. The Jimmy/Kara stuff has been the weakest link consistently in the past few episodes. We’re only nearing the end of season 1 and they are already “in love.” BUT I JUST DON’T BUY IT. Like at all. And, for fucks sake, do we even really need a love interest?

Molly: I’ve said before that it sure feels like they wanted to have a love triangle but never put the time and effort into actually crafting one. I like watching romance and relationships on TV as much as the next girl, but not half-hearted, poorly constructed ones that are so boring they can grind an episode to a halt. I think props is an excellent description of how James and Winn have been treated on this show.

Amber: J’onn is everything. I am so happy Martian Manhunter is on this show. Plus, his little hand holding through glass thing with Alex was so cute!

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Twenty


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Legends of Tomorrow

Amber: We only have one thing to talk about this week and I’m glad it’s Legends.

Where is Mick Rory? Who carried Jacks back to the ship when he was unconscious? Bring Mick back! I’m pretty positive Mick isn’t dead, but I’m really curious to see what Leonard did with him. Do you think he just dropped off and left?

Molly: And I assumed we were going to get some answers by the end of the episode, but no, and I’m not even sure we will next week either.

Amber: I loved when Martin was like “Oh man the fifties were so great!” Then Sara and Jacks shut him down. I kinda wish Sara had killed him for calling her nurse. It made me irrationally angry.

Molly: Always up for the black man and queer woman rolling their eyes at straight white dudes telling them how great everything is.

Amber: Who cares about Ray and Kendra? No one. Not even Ray and Kendra.

My favorite thing from this episode has to be people trying to get Leonard to talk about his feelings. I never thought my love for Captain Cold would be so strong, but I’m glad we have Leonard Snart in our lives. When Martin called him heroic I was so happy. I bet his first thought after that is “How can I tell The Flash about this while still pretending to hate him?”

Molly: I know that was my first thought. Maybe he can trick Martin into telling Barry.

I certainly liked parts of this episode, but honestly, I had to double check that I hadn’t accidentally clicked on an episode of Supernatural. I don’t know why any of that was in here, it felt bizarre, out of place, and undercooked.

But, as always, I loved the Sara parts.

Amber: Sara was basically like “Feelings are hard,” and I’ve never related to her more. I liked this episode for Sara I hope she gets to kiss a lot more people on this show. She deserves that.

Molly: I was so excited when I saw Ali Liebert was going to be a love interest for Sara. She was on an excellent show called Bomb Girls that I recommend everybody watch and she played a lesbian in the ‘40s. I thought some of the dialogue for the two of them was a bit stilted at times and could’ve used more charge to it, but overall, I’m very happy. I hope someday, somehow she can come back. They both deserve that.

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Nineteen


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Molly: “Next time you’re angry about something, let’s have coffee.” Yes, please. I would absolutely 100% be here for scenes of Alex and J’onn just hanging out, getting coffee, talking about girls, whatever.

Amber: I don’t know I was a big fan of the sparring scene.

Molly: Good point. Everyone looked great this episode. Cat looked incredible in her high-waisted pants and Alex’s leather jacket was amazing as is always the case. I always mean to focus more on costumes than I ever do, but I never get around to it.

As for Indigo, I found that once again, slightly stuntish casting (Laura Vandervoort played Supergirl on Smallville) ends up working just fine. I wasn’t terribly invested in what was actually happening with Indigo, but she did a fine job and I’ll be happy seeing her back and hopefully she gets more/better things to do.

Amber: I liked it. Brainiac is such a cool Superman villain and I’m really glad Kara is going to get to have that story. I’m really excited to see where it goes with Indigo.

Molly: I want it on record that: 1) I do not support the Fortress of Solitude being used on this show, especially to say dumb lines about not being alone 2) Seriously, bringing up Toyman again is because Winn is just a very fancy robot, right?

Amber: Yeah the Fortress of Solitude scene really bothered me. I didn’t like that Jimmy was the one to bring her there. It felt weird for her to be there without Superman.  Or let her have her own version of the Fortress of Solitude? “I’m not alone. I’m with you” line was the worst thing since Laurel Lance told Oliver Queen “I know you in your bones.”

Molly: Anyway, none of that really matters. What really matters? One scene. One incredible scene. The relationship between the Danvers sisters is easily the strongest of the show and their relationship (separately and together) with J’onn is continuing to be excellent. I’m also literally always on board with some platonic handholding, but this was just such a beautiful scene of Alex asking for forgiveness, receiving it, and J’onn giving and having support to/from Kara. I absolutely loved it. It’s quite possibly my favorite scene of the show so far.

Amber: I loved it. It was so well done. Kara reaching out to J’onn as she hugs Alex. LIKE THIS IS WHAT I WANT FROM THE SHOW ALL THE TIME. Leave the love triangles alone and give me these three becoming a family. More Alex and Kara scenes. More J’onn, Alex, and Kara scenes. More hugging and hand holding.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 5.58.43 PM.png


Molly: A bulleted list of things I really enjoyed from this episode:

  • Time pirates!
  • Leonard having no patience for the straight people in front of him
  • Professor Stein’s disguise
  • Really, locking two characters (especially my two favorites) in a room to talk about their feelings and cuddle for warmth is exactly what I want out of every TV show ever
  • Leonard trying to use crime to make Mick like him again

Amber: TIME PIRATES. Sign me up. I loved this episode because they did something different. It’s felt like every week we’re going to another recent decade and fucking some shit up. Now we got to go to space a fuck shit up.

All I want is Sara and Leonard to talk about this feelings all the time. And I also want them to keep being irritated by Ray/Kendra. Which by the way is the most boring thing about this episode. I don’t actively hate it, but I also REALLY don’t care.

Molly: As for the ending…I don’t really know what to do with that. I have watched a television before, so I don’t really believe he just killed Mick, but I’m still not really sure what to say or think or feel about it.

Amber: PLEASE DON’T KILL MICK RORY. I love him! Who is going to carry people when they’re unconscious?

Molly: Once again, none of that really matters, this time because NEXT WEEK ALI LIEBERT IS ON. She and Sara are gonna kiss! It’s going to be amazing! I’m so ready.

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Eighteen


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Molly: I’m just saying that in The Devil Wears Prada, the first assistant fell in love with the second assistant. I’m just saying there’s a precedent for these things. I’M JUST SAYING.

Amber: Too bad that girl is fucking awful. Even her name grates me.

Molly: Speaking of being in love with coworkers, Lucy is still: 1) Sore about James dating Superman and now maybe liking Supergirl. 2) Not getting enough to do. 3) Gorgeous.

Amber: I agree with all those things. I want to like Lucy, but she’s barely done anything. I am still more invested in her than anything to do with the Love Triangle. But that has been mercifully toned down the past few weeks. Due to, I suspect, the fact the show has already run out of things to do with it.

I really liked Astra’s funeral because it was so dramatic. I want 100% more Kryptonian drama on this show.

Molly: Absolutely. Kara and I are on the same page in that we both miss Astra (which was a nice moment), but the best way to get me to care about her stupid husband is to make him absurdly dramatic so then I at least have fun watching it.

Plus Kryptonian rituals having such value years after the destruction of Krypton is important to me.


Amber: Caitlin Snow got to have emotions!! She even got to explain her actions and felt like a real character rather than a cardboard cutout of a doctor. It was amazing.

Molly: We’ve made no secret that this has been a big problem with us this season, but this episode gave her what she deserves. She got to be upset, for the whole episode. It’s tied into how she feels about Ronnie dying, but it’s also its own thing.

Amber: ALSO KING SHARK. I kind of dig the way he’s animated it felt very cool. He looks so slimy and horrifying. Just like I dreamed he would.

Molly: I also absolutely loved Mrs. and Mr. ARGUS coming around. Not to mention that Lyla in that outfit and haircut made me ship her with Alex Danvers.

Amber: Wally West is a drama king and I am so glad he exists and is making cars that run on bacon grease. I know it’s gonna be a while before I get to see him do anything Flash related, but I love him. I’ve been wondering though, when he eventually gets his super speed, I wonder what his name will be? I doubt they’ll call him Kid Flash. Flash 2 maybe? Or maybe he’ll take the name Zoom??

Molly: If I had to guess, I think Barry will be out of commission for a bit and Wally will take up the mantle of The Flash, then Barry will get better and we’ll kick the can down the road a while avoiding giving him a name. Then I’m not sure.

Amber: In other news: Molly and I are right about all things. Jay Garrick (Earth 1? Earth 2? Clone?) is Zoom. Idk who the fuck he just killed, but I’m excited to find out.

Molly: I made like 15 guesses and that was one of them, so I have full rights to be obnoxiously smug about it.


Molly: The good: VIXEN. The bad: Convoluted reasons to break up the main couple and, of course, a magical disability cure for Felicity.

Amber: I can’t honestly believe I had to sit through that. It felt so pointless and unnatural I can’t even believe it. AND THAT’S WHEN SHE CAN WALK AGAIN? We get about .5 seconds of her going through physical therapy, but it’s leaving Oliver that makes it all kick in???? what is happening on this show? First of all, I get that Oliver lied. And on paper Felicity’s reasons for leaving make sense, but it felt out of character. After all they’ve been through this seems like any easy thing to, you know, sit down and discuss. That didn’t feel like my OTP and I’m not just saying that because they broke up. It’s because the break up was gratuitous. I know this is the CW and we’re all here for the drama, but that was totally fucking unnecessary.

Molly: When they want to break up queer lady ships, they just murder one of them, so at least it’s not that, but man, this was incredibly manufactured and forced and I was remarkably bored by it.

And wow, not only do we have the awful disability cure trope, but they somehow managed to pair it with Throwing Off the Disability, which is an impressive mix. Last week, I linked to several articles about why disability cures are bad, but in case you missed it, it essentially boils down to a couple things. Most disabled people stay disabled. Not a lot of cures exist. A lot of people don’t really want cures. And curing a disabled character takes away disability representation and representation is so low and often poor that losing one is a significant blow.

Amber: Vixen was awesome. And totally right about everything. It’s too bad she was here for such a craptastic episode. The only other thing I liked was Thea yelling at Malcolm. Or, I guess, I also liked when Malcolm got really offended when Thea accused him of something he totally did.

Molly: I respect John Diggle a great deal, but I 100% agreed with Mari that the best thing for this kid is for Oliver to be far, far away from him. I loved how she was with Oliver, I thought she was fun in a fight and that her effects showed up well in live action. Give her her own show is what I’m saying.

Another moment of the episode I really liked was Laurel feeling pain about Oliver impregnanting someone else while they were dating. I loved that she acknowledged that it doesn’t matter now, for so many reasons, but it still just hurt a little.


Amber: How much did I love old Oliver Queen? SO MUCH. That beard. Wrinkles. It almost made up for everyone being dead. Connor Hawke aka John Diggle Jr. made my heart happy also.

Molly: I loved Connor Hawke. I don’t have anything deeper to say, I just really really liked him.

Amber: I loved Mic and Leonard in this episode. Mic’s line “I’ve never been tight with anyone!!!” like he wasn’t talking to his best friend was amazing. But I also liked that we’re getting real character development for Leonard this is really becoming more about saving the world for him and less about a score. Hopefully, we can see similar growth from Mic at some point. I wonder how long he’ll pretend he and Ray aren’t actually bros.

Molly: Not to mention that Mick loves Grease, a tidbit I will treasure to my dying day.

Amber: I found the Jax/Ray/Kendra stuff pretty unnecessary. But I liked Martin and Jax being able to sense each other’s feelings. That was real cute. I guess it’s about time for a love triangle on this show anyway. Since it’s physically impossible for a CW show not to have one.

Molly: I’m not opposed to romance and/or sex within the team, but this was a very boring starting point. Anyway, can Jax come build my bookcase though because it’s been strewn across my apartment floor for over a week now?

Amber: Sara Lance finally wore something I didn’t like. That coat was kinda dumb.

Molly: Rip’s coat though! Always a fan of the badass longcoat.

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Seventeen


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Amber: I know I’ve complained about this for the past few weeks, but: this week Cisco tells Killer Frost that Caitlin was “devastated” by Ronnie’s death prompting me to launch an eye roll so epic I’m surprised my eyes didn’t get stuck.

Molly: Maybe if they had, we could sue The Flash for poor treatment of its women.

Amber: This is actually the second time we’ve had one of the male characters tell us how the death of a loved one affected Caitlin/Iris instead of, you know, us getting to see that on screen. Fuck. That. Shit.

Anyway, who is under the mask? My best guess is Henry Allen (Earth 1 version). We haven’t seen him all season and haven’t heard much about other than a passing reference that Barry didn’t want to tell him he was travelling to an alternate earth. It makes sense that Zoom would take someone close to Barry.

Molly: I think that’s a solid guess. I can’t imagine what’s so important about Jay Garrick that that would trump him trying to tap out who he is, but who knows. My first thought was also that he was tapping out his own name. He’s the real Jay Garrick. This doesn’t seem super likely to me, but I haven’t ruled it out and it could explain why Earth 1’s Jay Garrick had a different name. Or maybe Jay Garrick is Zoom.

Amber: And while we’re wildly theorizing: Who the fuck is Zoom? Possible candidates: Eddie Thawne! I personally hope it’s him. That could be really interesting. We’re pretty much agreed that it’s a doppleganger otherwise, right?

Molly: Earth 2 Eddie has seemed like the most likely option to me since the season started. (And maybe just maybe Iris will get to have feelings about it if it’s him.) Plus, we didn’t see him in Earth 2 and he’s a much bigger he’s-not-dead person to bring back for an alternate world than Floyd Lawton (though “Go see Suicide Squad” may have been the point of Floyd Lawton).


Amber: Wow, we made it like three episodes before miraculously solving Felicity’s disability. Really awesome.

Molly: I’m still angry at Adventure Time for Finn getting his arm back alarmingly fast. For references to why disability cures are a bad trope that hurt real disabled people: here you go.

Amber: Other things happened this week, but most importantly the fact that even though they’ve been doing this for years Team Arrow is terrible at tracking people.

Molly: Are you saying that using THE LOUDEST MOTORCYCLES IN THE WORLD to follow someone isn’t the best plan?

Amber: And how the fuck hasn’t Darhk figured out Green Arrow and Oliver Queen are the same person?

It appears that while the Surprise!Baby storyline isn’t dead, William’s mother is very dead. I’ve got a bad feeling we’ve got another Connor situation on our hands. So I guess we can prepare for the ruin of Arrow.

Molly: Season 4 of Arrow is already at least 400 times better than season 4 of Angel. Though I’ve hated this secret baby storyline since before the first time we dropped it.

I was confused a lot of the time as to what was happening, but clearly my favorite thing was whatever the hell these things are that Donna was adding to the reception.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 8.31.20 AM

Anyway, next week: VIXEN!


Molly: “My partner’s in prison.”

“And Ray.”

“Oh, yes, and Ray, I 100% did not mean that Ray and I are together in any way. He is terrible face-wise. I wasn’t even thinking about Ray ever, I didn’t mean him even the tiniest little bit no way no how who who even is Ray, huh? Is that the old one?”

(Disclaimer: Dumb jokes about the new ship aside, I am a big fan of him consistently referring to Mick as his partner.)

Amber: Leonard loves everyone so much and is so bad at showing it. Mick and Leonard were so cute this episode. It made my heart really happy.

Molly: And I love that Mick and Leonard are fully unashamed to be open about their partnership. These aren’t every-man-for-himself criminals. Mick literally says it’s not just his team he’s on, it’s Snart’s too.

We’re still going through some basic stages of team-building (though hopefully this is the last episode where Rip benches people and they inevitably reply, “But we’re a team!”), but I’m still enjoying this ride. I’m really looking forward to next week (as long as we’re not too wrapped up in Oliver, but I’m not worried).

Amber: This was a really great episode for building the relationships within the team. It brought some combinations that we haven’t gotten to see before and I’m starting to buy that they really care about each other.  I can’t even pick my favorite moment of this episode. But, fuck, do I love Mick Rory carrying unconscious people around.

Molly: Kendra didn’t get much more to do with Jax than flash some thumbs ups at him every once in a while, but that’s a pairing I’d like explored more.

Amber: I agree with that. Kendra, in general, needs more time on the show. Especially if she’s playing such an important role (in that ultimately she will have to kill Savage.) This was such a good episode for Jax. It’s the first time that I feel like the show has given a shit about him and I was so happy with what he got to do this episode.

Molly: Honestly, Jax’s reaction to destroyed Star City is one that I’m most interested in next week and I hope the show continues to grow him well. I thought the use of the connection with Martin worked well this episode.

Amber: I’m trying not to get excited, but that was totally Connor Hawke at the end right? Also, let’s meet future Oliver immediately.

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Sixteen


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Molly: It is not in my nature to want to keep Laura Benanti from the stage, but I think it’s a real shame Astra is gone, at least for now. Her death was spoiled for me before I was able to watch and I was angry. I didn’t think her story was even close to being over and Astra deserved better. Astra still deserves better, but after actually watching the episode itself, it weirdly worked okay for me. She got to fight for Kara in the episode while still not being suddenly fully redeemed.

Amber: I agree. It felt really early for her death. Astra was so close to turning her back on her cause for Kara which would have felt false to me. Astra could never be 100% on Kara’s side because she genuinely believed in what she was fighting for. But that dilemma could have been drawn out more. The truth is Supergirl just never gave Astra the story she deserves.

Molly: What I was an uncontested big fan of was Alex and J’onn being fiercely protective of Kara. I know you all miss Lexie Grey, but Chyler Leigh is an excellent Alex Danvers and I am so happy to have her. “Alex kills Astra” is a hard place to get to in terms of believability, but everything in the episode built to Alex being ready to do whatever she had to to protect her family. Her speech as she was fighting off imprisonment was so well done. It could have been played softer, but Alex’s desperation was clear. She needed her sister. If she couldn’t come back with her sister, there was no point in coming back at all. She wasn’t tearfully pleading for Kara to come back to her, she was viciously shouting the deep need she had for Kara to choose the truth, to choose her.

Amber: What a fantastic fucking episode for Alex Danvers. What I really loved about this is seeing the lengths that Alex will go to protect her sister even if her sister is Supergirl. That’s the kind of relationship we don’t get to see often between women on TV.  And watching her beat up Maxwell Lord was a religious experience for me. (We still haven’t punched him in the face though? Someone punch him.)

Molly: I have now finalized all my paperwork to join the Write Cat Grant the Way She Deserves movement. There are still things about her character that work in a lot of episodes and Calista Flockhart is turning in good work, but too often, Cat gets Pierce Hawthorned. That is, when the show needs this kind of obstacle, they throw Cat in there. If they need a cartoon villain, there she is. She deserves better and the show keeps coming close but never quite gets there. Or if they do (the midseason finale scene where Cat revealed she knew Kara was Supergirl comes to mind), they throw it away and refuse to sustain it.

Amber: Yes. What a wasted opportunity for Cat not to know. Speaking of wasted things, the dynamic between Wynn/Jimmy/Kara/Alex can be interesting. This episode even made me slightly buy them as a family (even if I think we threw that word around A LOT) but let them actually be a family? I need more moments like that and less moments where the show is trying to deciding who it wants Kara to make googly eyes at.


Molly: I complained last week about how blah I have been finding this season, but damn, that episode was good! Finally!

Amber: I enjoyed this episode so much with one major caveat, but I’ll get to that.

Molly: Alternate universe stories are already a good premise and even if it followed predictable beats for this kind of story (The good guys are bad! The bad guys are mayor! Someone you love hates you here! Deadshot!), it was still really enjoyable to watch. The metahuman story on Earth 1 felt about as useful as an Oliver Queen flashback, but most of Earth 2 was solid.

Let’s talk about fashion and how Earth 2 is better than Earth 1. When I first saw pictures of Killer Frost a few months ago, I didn’t think the styling looked that good, but that wasn’t true at all once I actually saw her. I thought the effects for her powers didn’t look too good (perhaps they were trying to differentiate it from Lenny’s cold gun effects and it just sort of ended up looking, well, like it did?), but she looked amazing. Also looking incredible: Iris West. Those pants.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 6.19.37 PM

Amber: I never want to go back to Earth 1 personally. I think it’s a waste.

Molly: Ronnie’s presence was welcome as well, even if I can only imagine the conversation went like this:

The Flash team: Hey, Robbie, we need you back for an episode.
Robbie Amell: Sounds great. What’s Ronnie up to now?
The Flash team: The usual. Fire flying, being with Caitlin, dying.
Robbie Amell: Oh.

I think the two real missed opportunities were:

  1. Not having Wally always been a part of the West family.
  2. Not having Barry be married to Mayor Snart.

My thoughts on number two are well documented (But seriously! How fun would that be! Even if it can’t happen on Earth 1!) (well, assuming it’s Leonard and not Lisa). As to Wally, it was made even stranger by the fact that he showed up for about five seconds in the Earth 1 story and that was it. But ever since Wally came into their lives, the story has been, “If I’d known about you, we would’ve always been a family, so how do we become a family now?” and we have the perfect opportunity to explore the first half of that and yet we don’t.

Amber: I am so sad we didn’t see more of Mayor Snart.

Okay, it’s time we had a talk about Caitlin Snow. Killer Frost proves, beyond a doubt, that this show is treating Caitlin like shit. In this episode Killer Frost has clear desires, gets to mourn the loss of her boyfriend, and is actually interesting. Meanwhile, Caitlin Snow invents Velocity 7 to help Jay Garrick run faster and WE DON’T EVEN GET TO FUCKING SEE HER DO IT. What the fuck. I loved this episode and I love this show, but this is a problem. I want to see her do things. I want to see her have feelings. I want her to be a real character not a prop that the show uses whenever someone needs medical attention.

Molly: In the about 10 seconds we spend there, Killer Frost gets to mourn Ronnie’s death about the same amount Caitlin Snow has allotted and I assume next week, we’ll see even more. I don’t understand. I just do not understand at all.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 7.02.15 PM


Molly: GIVE NYSSA AL GHUL SOME DAMN AGENCY. I literally cheered at the end of that episode when she melted the ring because that was good, but the entire episode leading up to it was incredibly frustrating on her part. After calling Oliver her stupid husband about eleven hundred times, she has to sit back while he quite literally fights the battle for her. This predicated on the entire idea that she came to Oliver to make him kill Malcolm for her. When this show treats Nyssa well, it treats her really well. And then there are other times.

Amber: Yeah, I don’t feel like there’s a universe where Nyssa NEEDS Oliver to kill Malcolm for her. And, oh my god, I totally forgot they were married? It was used so weirdly in this episode. The problem is sometimes they treat her like she’s Nyssa and other times they just treat her like she’s a plot device.

Molly: I didn’t really hate this episode, I just hated the way Nyssa was treated most of the time. I appreciated the numerous mentions of Tommy (so much so that I’m wondering if that’s setting up a return of some sort). I gave up on expecting to know why Malcolm killed Sara a long time ago, but his motivations were clear and I’m interested to see where he’ll be and how he’ll fit in going forward.

Amber: I also thought the Tommy mentions were so numerous it might signal a return. For all his faults though…I do love Malcolm Meryln and he was at his best this episode. He is so hurt by Oliver. (And they are both so in love with each other) I’m excited for him to be a bad guy again.

Molly: Felicity’s dad is fully open about being the Calculator, which was an interesting turn. Donna didn’t get much to do here, but I’m so happy that she’s become a part of the show. Felicity’s dad reveals himself to really be that much of a dick afterall, so she rents a billboard to alert the police to where he’ll be and when.

A general note: my headcanon is that Quentin is the one who came so that if the Calculator, as he was being arrested, shouted that Felicity is involved with the Arrow, Quentin could deflect.

Amber: I wanna care more about her dad as a bad guy, but I think she found out too soon.


Molly: So, Killer Frost wasn’t the only one this week who got to mourn Ronnie more than Caitlin Snow.

But putting that aside, since Carter’s death, Martin Stein seems to have taken the place of weakest link. I like Victor Garber a lot and I’m ready to be fully on board with Martin, he just keeps making it difficult. The show is still doing a decent job balancing all eight major characters, but I hope next week we can spend more time with Martin and Jefferson, either separate or together.

Amber: Yeah I agree with that. I like them both and I want the characters to do well, but the show needs to give them both a little more to do. But at least Sara and Kendra got to speak to each other this week. I really liked all their stuff. Can we please see more of them together?

Molly: I agree that Sara and Kendra getting time was really nice. I wasn’t crazy about this episode overall. There were things I liked (the way Arthur Darvill says “pentagon,” making Leonard Snart go to the ballet, most of what Mick got to do), but the pieces didn’t quite fit together for me. I also feel like if time travel is going to be a big part of this show, why not just go all out with it? We jumped back to the 70s and that was great and now we’re headed to…the 80s. Uh, okay. I know we’re trying to catch Vandal Savage as early as possible, but I think I’d rather us be jumping back and forth through time.

Amber: I agree. The seventies was at least sort of interesting, but let’s go back to Egypt or World War I. Anything, but the 80’s. There aren’t even any fun costumes they can wear.

Molly: Let’s be honest, probably I would’ve been 89% more on board with the 80s if they had fun costumes.

Amber: I liked this episode. Maybe not as much as the past few weeks, but it was decent. On the other hand, I don’t have anything to say about it except that I really ship Leonard and Ray.

Molly: Raymond, you mean. What can I say? He has a type.

DC TV Universe Review: Week Fifteen


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Amber: Remember how no one has punched Trashwell Lord in the face yet? It’s tragic. We got close when Alex slammed his head onto a table, but I really need an actual punch.

Molly: My #1 choice was for Bizarro to deck him.

Amber: Also: sue me, but I love a good clone story. And it further proved what a total skeezball Lord is. I liked what they did with Bizarro for the most part.

Molly: I was really happy with what they did in this episode. I don’t know anything about Bizarro canon from the comics, but I loved it and I loved Kara’s reaction to it. I loved that Kara seemed to understand it all in a deeper way than anybody else and feel it more, both because he made a girl just like her and because she’s Kara. Kara seeing the good in Bizarro is the same thing that made Bizarro see the good in Kara. Plus, the fire vs. freeze breath effects looked really cool.

Amber: Alright, so if Winn is gonna be a total dick about Kara not wanting to be with him, why is he giving Jimmy love advice? Maybe, secretly, all Winn wants is a good poly relationship with Kara and James. This is the only love triangle scenario I support in regards to this show (and most other shows).

Molly: I think him giving James love advice was supposed to be him being a ~nice guy~, but I stopped listening when he said “freindzone.” As a strong supporter of more/better poly representation, I think we can do better than Winn/Kara/James, but if it got us out of this love triangle, I’d be happy with it.

Amber: Alex Danvers is a badass. She pretty much kidnapped Maxwell Lord and is holding him hostage for being a total dick. I kind of wish the show did more with her. Especially since we’re wasting a lot of time with boring love triangle stuff. More Alex Danvers! More Alex hurting Trashwell Lord!


Molly: This week, The Flash scrapes the bottom of the villain barrel to find a guy who isn’t just a guy, he’s also…tar.

Amber: I think they need to pick a low key villain so we could focus on the Harry betrayal nonsense. But at least make it interesting.

Molly: I’m sure that was the purpose here was to pick a D list villain (and he was) because the other stuff mattered more, but god, it was not interesting to watch at all.

Amber: Wally West is so cute you guys. He’s bad at feelings and he likes going fast. This is pretty much my dream come true.

Molly: Last year, I preferred The Flash to Arrow for sure. It and Jane the Virgin were my favorite new shows and while Jane the Virgin continues to delight me once a week, The Flash does not. It’s the bottom of the barrel for these four shows. I really liked the early Captain Cold episode this season and I’ve found most everything else…fine. There was stuff I liked here. The Harry betrayal and subsequent official joining of the team had good stuff in it, as did some of the West Family Drama. I just wish The Flash was inspiring me this year. I struggle week to week to fill this section of the reviews and I wish I didn’t have to. We’ve talked a bit before about the show’s treatment of its women and that’s certainly a factor in my tepid feelings this year, but I just want more and I don’t feel like it’s giving it to me.

Amber: I agree with that. I still really enjoy the show, but there’s definitely something missing. It comes back to what we keep talking about: there’s a lack, especially with the women on the show, of emotional realness. We can’t connect with the characters and it leaves the whole show feeling (to steal your words) uninspired. I also think that last year Barry had a specific goal (to clear his father’s name and save his mother) but this year we’ve got this villain with zero purpose other than wanting to mess with the Flash. I don’t hate it, but Barry’s got to be working toward something bigger at the same time.


Molly: Easily my favorite moment of this episode was Malcolm Merlyn being hilariously petty as fuck with, “Where’s your new BFF Damien?”

Amber: He was so bummed out Oliver was going to make a deal with some other leader of a group of assassins.

Molly: There was a lot going on this episode. A lot. Just when you thought you’d seen the last returning guest star, they heaped another one on the pile. Nyssa, Roy, Tatsu, Shado, not to mention Curtis in a Palmer tech C story and the introduction of Calculator, who clearly stole Ben Wyatt’s supervillain name.

Amber: There was a lot going on, but I actually didn’t hate it. I’m not sure what the point of the flashbacks were, but I’m never sure about them. Plus, Tatsu!!!! I wish we saw Curtis on a more regular basis. I know it won’t happen this season, but we did see a little of his Mr. Terrific weaponry this episode, and I really want him to join the team.

Molly: The flashbacks were particularly obnoxious to me in such a packed episode (I also wasn’t really sure what Shado’s purpose was there either, but sure, why not). I know I’ve already mentioned twice now how much was going on, but I also really liked this episode. This season has been so good I haven’t had much time to miss Roy, but it was good to see him back. And while I’m going to need a damn good explanation why Nyssa isn’t just going and killing Malcolm herself, still! Nyssa! Even if I’m devastated for her that she can’t witness this:
Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.51.23 PM

A few years ago, I started following some disability blogs and I’ve learned so much since then. Cliched tropes and how they affect people, how to be a good ally, all sorts of things. I think the Arrow writers could’ve benefited from some more research as well. There’s worse tropes to use, but I wasn’t crazy about the way Curtis talked to her about her attitude and the way she presents herself now. It felt condescending almost. I just watched it again and while I feel better about it now than I did before, “There’s two Felicitys, Felicity. The one in the board room whose wheelchair makes her doubt herself,” still doesn’t sit well with me.

Amber: That line specifically bothered me but I didn’t hate the scene. I’m admittedly less informed on this subject than you, but I’ve been happy(ish) with the storyline so far. It feels true to Felicity’s character. I still feel a little weird about the entire plot line, but I’ll be angry if they go back on it now.

Molly: I’ve mostly been cautiously positive about what they’ve done so far, though I’m fully expecting a cure and that will make me much less positive.

On better Felicity news, I am very excited to see where we go with Calculator also being Felicity’s (billboard) dad.

Amber: Me too. We pretty much knew her dad would show up as a bad guy eventually and I’m glad it’s the Calculator because that’s going to be really fun to watch.


Amber: I really liked this episode. They did much better with juggling everyone and giving everyone some good screen time. Except I guess Kendra who spent most of the episode passed out and chanting. It’s promising though that it looks like she will be the one that has to kill Savage.

Molly: Months ago, when we first decided to do this, I promised you that my Legends recaps wouldn’t just be 100% me rhapsodizing about how in love with Sara I am, but damn, this episode made it hard to keep that promise. She looked amazing, she had nice parallels to Thea’s story this week, and the they-know-we’re-assassins-because-I-know-they’re-assassins thing was a wonderful little bit.

Amber: Sara’s costuming is so good in this episode. She might be dealing with blood lust, but she sure looks good doing it.

Molly: She’s dealing with blood lust but I’m dealing with a different kind of lust. Hey-ooooooooooo. *high fives everyone in the world*

Amber: My favorite thing from the fight scene with the whole team was Jefferson just running in and punching people. He can’t be Firestorm, but he goes into the fight anyway. And also when Heat Wave brought Rip his gun. I like Mic Rory so much more than I expected which makes me happy.

Molly: And while Supergirl is the show I’m most ardently advocating a musical episode for, I would really love if the season finale of this show was the eight of them singing We’re All in This Together.

Meanwhile, Ray is in a Magic School Bus episode and I love it.

Amber: I’m so happy with this show so far. I know we’re only three episodes in, but damn this is exactly what I wanted. It’s like they read our TV dream journals and put it on the screen.

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Fourteen


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Amber: I was obviously going to like a Martian Manhunter centric episode. The parallel between J’onn and Kara was awesome and really well done. The fact that she was able to get through to him and stop him from killing the white martian without using her powers was awesome. I’m excited to see his relationship with the Danver’s grow and continue to be cute as hell.

Molly: I am deeply loving the friendship/comradery/support between Alex, Kara, and J’onn. Their team meetings this episode were the best part and definitely trump anything that’s happened so far with Kara, Winn, and James as Team Supergirl.

Amber: Kinda hating Winn at the moment. Like Kara appears to be your only friend and you’re just being a raging Dick because she doesn’t like you back? I want to get away from this plotline so badly.

I didn’t hate Adam Forrester! He even kind of makes a believable love interest. Too bad Kara is in love with his mother. SuperCat forever! And it’s not even because I love the ship name (I really do) Kara literally meddles in Cat’s life. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER.

Molly: I assume Adam will be around for a few episodes and after that they can trot him out whenever they want (I’d love to see his character duet with Cat in the musical episode I fully expect) and I’m happy with that. It’s not exactly surprising they have chemistry and anything that breaks her out of the most boring love triangle ever created is a win in my book.

Amber: Next week’s episode is titled Bizarro, so I’m assuming Maxwell (I’m sorry I meant Trashwell) Lord created a Supergirl Bizarro that we saw at the end of this episode. Which is….fine. It’s a pretty big deviation from comic canon, but I’ll live. I’m excited for it anyway.

Molly: I am in total support of this fandom dubbing him Trashwell. It’s perfect.


Amber: LET IRIS WEST BE ANGRY. LET CAITILIN SNOW BE SAD ABOUT SHIT. We mentioned both Eddie and Ronnie this episode pretty casually. I think this one of two times Iris has talked about her DEAD fiance this season and I don’t feel like she’s gotten to properly deal with shit. Iris gets pissed, that’s her thing, let her be pissed! She can have the forgiveness moment with her mom, but give it some build up. Let Caitlin and Iris be real characters who have to deal with their shit.

Molly: Iris talks about how she’s moved past her anger with her mom. But we didn’t see that. Though since she forgave Joe for the egregious crime of pretending her mom was dead in about 15 seconds, maybe that’s all it took. Barry has visibly carried all his pain with him through most episodes this season, but Caitlin and Iris barely get a chance to feel anything before they have to move on. I’m tired. If The Flash doesn’t start letting its women be people soon, my patience will run out.

Amber: I sort of finally got answers to my timeline issues from episode one, but I don’t feel totally satisfied? But this gave them a good way to keep Reserve Flash as a recurring character without having to resurrect anyone.

Molly: I think just an attempt is supposed to be good enough, but it sure didn’t make a lot of sense, particularly factoring in that Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t seem to be following all the same time travel rules, but I’ll live with it. I just really love time travel.

Amber: I really hope Earth 2 Harrison Wells sticks around because he and Cisco are really cute together.

Molly: I was concerned that Tom Cavanaugh’s continued presence this season would feel forced, but I have to agree, it’s been really enjoyable to watch, particularly, as you say, with Cisco.


Molly: I was happier this time around with Wally even though *grumbles about how he gets to be mad when Iris doesn’t*

Amber: My favorite line of the episode was: “Have you seen Barry run? He waddles like a slow ass duck.” The West family is so great.

Molly: I doubt this is the very last we ever see of Patty Spivot, but I imagine she won’t be around much, at least for a while, and I’ll miss her, even if some of their relationship was more tell than show (a problem, I’ll casually mention, that Cat Grant’s character as a whole tends to have).


Amber: Alright, I have a lot to say. And it’s all about Felicity. I’m gonna get this out of the way quickly: Overwatch is a dumb name. But I’m kinda glad she’s not Oracle. Felicity deserves to be her own character. I am so happy they gave her this episode to deal with her shit. I think having Goth Felicity show up was amazing. My hope is that Arrow continues to give Felicity room to deal with this major change and give this the attention it deserves. But this was a good episode for Felicity and I’m pretty happy with it. But, seriously, Overwatch is a fucking stupid name. But what we saw in this episode proves what we all know to be true about her: Felicity Smoak is a badass and she’s strong as hell.

Molly: At first, I thought he said Omniwatch, which I also thought was a terrible name, but Overwatch is even worse. Here’s hoping it’s a temporary name like The Hood. Though I did think it was a nice touch that Felicity was reading about the Overlook Hotel before being dubbed Overwatch herself.

This episode did right by Felicity, which is what she deserved here. I thought that bringing in her past to talk about her future was an excellent choice.

I’m concerned about her being cured too fast (and really, I don’t want her cured at all, especially not magically; Barbara being cured is my problem with the otherwise-excellent currently running Batgirl series), but I suppose that’s a problem to deal with if it happens.

Amber: Also, she and Oliver are so cute it makes me honestly sick.

“I was thinking ‘The Oracle’ but it’s taken,” GOD BLESS YOU ARROW WRITERS. This gives us the possibility of an Arrow-verse Barbara Gordon!!!!!! I know it might never happen…..but I want it so bad.

Molly: I would love to see Felicity go to HackerCon and meet Barbara Gordon. And Caleb Rivers because we all know Spencer Hastings is really the Arrow.

Amber: Diggle using what he learned from Felicity is the only thing I remember from the Shadow Spiral plot line. Did other things happen this episode??

Molly: Well, it wasn’t just Black Women Dying week on The Flash, the Arrow took up the torch as well.

In better news, Dig’s brother got to meet baby Sara and while I am now and forever sore about Sara not having a special moment meeting Sara, this was pretty cute and seems like a step toward integrating Andy into the show in an interesting way.


Molly: So, first of all, fuck you, Hawkman.

Amber: It’s in bad taste to talk about the dead that way. But for real, I knew he would be an early casualty…I just didn’t think it would be in the second episode? Anyway, it makes a good rallying point for the team.

Molly: I actually wrote that before he died, but I’m also not sorry he’s dead because I really didn’t like him this episode. I did like that his death brought out Leonard’s staunch loyalty.

Amber: Let’s talk about how much Leonard Snart wants to be a good guy while actively denying that he’s trying to do that. He makes fun of Ray (Molly adds: Raymond)  for wanting to save the world and he’s the one that’s like, “Yeah, let’s help save the future and avenge this dude we just met.”

Also, I didn’t think I would like Heat Wave, but I kinda love him. He’s always carrying people around and is super sassy. Plus I think he really loves Leonard.

Molly: I was a big fan of Leonard swanning all over the place, reveling in bossing around a bunch of heroes because crime is first nature to him. When I heard Captain Cold was slated to be a Legend of Tomorrow, my reaction was, “Oh, sure, that’ll work for me,” but I didn’t expect him to rapidly become one of my favorite characters in the DC TV universe. I kind of want to be his best friend now. I could humor him that suuuuuuuuure, he’s definitely not wanting to be a hero at allllllllllllll while in fact helping him be a hero.

I concur that Heat Wave is turning out to be far more enjoyable than he ever was on The Flash.

Amber: Sara, as always, was fantastic. Like I don’t have anything else to say because every time she’s on screen it’s amazing. “Y’all have a lovely evening.”

Molly: Nine (er, eight now) is a lot of main characters to have, so we haven’t gotten to delve deep with Sara yet, but I don’t mind waiting. Her presence just adds so much, both in fighting (she hit someone with a bong) and as a teammate (her giggling with Jefferson about young Martin was fun).

As for those fight scenes, an awful lot is always going on. I thought the direction was solid in following what each person was doing in a fight, but boy, it’s a lot to take in at once.

I’m glad that this show is living up to what I hoped it would be. The team aspect is really strong so far (awww, Rip even called them his friends in the opening voiceover). The gravity of taking down Savage is never forgotten, but it’s ultimately a fun romp across time and space, complete with fun outfits. I mean, look how great she looks (even if I couldn’t get a remotely good screencap)…

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.52.07 PM.png

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Thirteen


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Molly: Let me put it like this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 11.57.42 PM

Molly: What I’m saying is I really love Sara Lance. Luckily, so does Legends of Tomorrow.

Amber: I wanna rename this show “Leonard and Sara: Best Friends Forever.” Everything they did was the cutest. That bar fight scene was perfect.

Molly: A couple of days ago, I realized Leonard and Sara was the friendship I was most looking forward to and even in this first episode, I was not disappointed at all. The way they bounced off of each other was really fun to watch.

Amber: I actually liked Heatwave more than I thought I would. He was pretty cute carrying Jefferson Jaxson (who was so cute the whole episode) to the ship.

Molly: Everyone was the cutest! Sara was fighting misogyny, Leonard was being a gigantic nerd, Rip Hunter was swanning all over the place, hoping to sway them into staying with dramatics.

Amber: He walks like he’s on a runway. It’s amazing. He’s the most dramatic person in all of time.

Molly: I thought the pilot did a great job of bringing together eight characters we’ve had significantly varying levels of contact with, as well as introducing Rip, and giving a good glimpse of what we can expect to see from this show, both plot-wise (Vandal Savage) and other (bar fights in cute clothes). Oliver’s presence made no impact on me or the show, but the Lance sister fighting was a gem. Laurel and Sara haven’t been on the same plane since long before anyone called themselves Canary. One of them was always dead or pretending to be dead or didn’t know her sister was actually a kickass vigilante. But they’re finally in the same place, even if they’re not on the same show.

Amber: I felt like Barry would have been a better person to make an appearance. (He could have convinced Leonard to be a good guy! and it would have been really cute!)  I just finished the episode and I forgot Oliver even showed up.
I was a big fan of the pilot. The team worked better than I thought it would. It definitely has potential though and I really excited for next week.

Molly: Agreed. I’ll put up with as much Hawkman as I need to if the rest of this show lives up to its potential.


Molly: When I heard this week’s episode was Winn-centric, I wasn’t thrilled, but I also figured Winn is an underdeveloped character and this might help me like him more. Did it? Well, sort of. I didn’t buy everything they were trying to sell me and I had some real problems with the end that I’ll get into, but it also seems like maybe just maybe Winn is actually some kind of super intelligent AI doll and that is something I can get behind.

Amber: This was the first time I was genuinely interested/liked Winn, but man I hated that ending. It undid all the good will I had built up for him.

Molly: Emma Caulfield showed up as the winningly dressed Agent Cordelia Cameron Chase. I wish she had had a little more to do (we really could’ve cut the entire Lucy/James subplot and given her that time), but she’ll be back and what she did do was fun to watch. She is also the first person I have deemed a worthy romantic match for Alex Danvers. She went on a stupid fake date with stupid Maxwell Lord, which was, you know, stupid, but she looked incredible.


Molly: Now, about that last act with Winn. All episode, he’s been talking about how his dad bottled things up and that’s why he exploded (which I’m not really on board with, but that’s not the point), and he’s afraid that if he “bottles up” his feelings for Kara, he’ll explode and kill people or something. Look, I’ve been in love exactly once and it was unrequited and it sucked. Because it sucks! And it can be difficult in a lot of ways to be that person’s friend! But you do it anyway! I really have no sympathy here for this I-can’t-be-around-you-and-be-in-love-with-you crap, especially with this weird idea that this bottled up love is dangerous. And then Kara feels like she did something wrong. I wish they wouldn’t frame it this way. Maybe they’ll smooth it all out later, but as is, I found it to be incredibly obnoxious storytelling. Kara wasn’t interested. He kissed her and she pulled back. He then said he shouldn’t bottle up his feelings for her or something bad might happen, so I guess they can’t be friends and now she feels bad about it. This love triangle was boring from the start. It feels like the show didn’t know how to get it off the ground and now they don’t know how to kill it either.

Amber: If they ever wanted me to buy Winn/Kara as an actual ship, this episode ruined it. I spent the whole episode liking him and then this happened. It’s not so much for me about the kiss as the way he handled it afterward. His choosing to cut Kara off because she didn’t like him back bothered me. Their stories paralleled so nicely this week and I wish that it the episode would have focused more on their friendship and seeing each other in this new, more complicated way.

I will say that I really liked this episode. It is so amazing that Martian Manhunter is on this show. I’m really happy with all of that so far. Plus Lucy Lane and Alex kicked ass this week. It’s was definitely one of my favorite episodes so far even with all the dumb Winn stuff at the end.


Amber: Yes, give me all of the sassy, drag racing, angry as shit Wally West. I’m here for it. I’m so excited he’s here!

Molly: My mom hated Wally and…I kinda see why. I am all for Wally being pissed, even pissed at Joe works for me. I can think of at least three excellent reasons for Wally to be deeply angry at Joe, but “You didn’t know I existed” isn’t really one of them. Still, I’m extremely excited to see more of him. Lots, lots more of him.

Amber: I think though that wasn’t so much the reason as being thrown into this new family that he didn’t know about. It’s new and I can’t imagine it’s easy to follow around some guy who keeps calling you his son even though they just met. I hope they explore that a little more. But I get the sense Joe figured out the real reason he was angry at the end.

Amber: When Caitlin confront Jay about his Secret Illness and said “You know how long it took me to get over the death of my husband!” For a second I legitimately didn’t know what she was talking about. I don’t think before this episode she’s even acknowledged grieving for Ronnie.

Molly: Women aren’t allowed to grieve on this show. They’re mostly just allowed to forgive men for lying to them. So…Jay totally has Macgregor’s Syndrome like Francine, right?

Amber: How cute did Barry look in his suit though? He doesn’t wear enough bow ties.

Molly: He did look very dashing in his suit. I’m a big fan.

Amber: So, that was Eobard Thawne at the end…earlier in the season I had a theory that he was dead (and that Eddie was Zoom) but he could also be from Earth 2? We haven’t had a doppelganger in a while.

Molly: I’m not sure what to make of it, particularly given that the character himself actually said, “Uh, what the hell is going on?” All I hope is that it makes some semblance of timey-wimey sense.


Molly: Felicity is Oracle, Oliver is tormented by A, Thea doesn’t kill a guy even though she maybe should, and Laurel walks around looking both awesome and stern. Quite the premiere!

Amber: She’s not Oracle yet, but we’ve got all the makings for her taking that role. I just don’t know how I feel about it. A lot happened this episode, but I still can’t tell you what the fuck is going on during the flashbacks.

Amber: This episode pretty much confirmed for me that they’re killing Diggle. And I am not happy about it.

Molly: I’m still not sure. The only person this really ruled out for me was Oliver’s son (and it didn’t even 100% rule him out for me, though it sure does seem like an adult-sized grave). We know it’s not Barry, Oliver, or Felicity. We know Felicity is damn pissed. We know Barry wanted to be there for the funeral but wasn’t. That doesn’t help us a lot, but all of that could surely mean Diggle. Queer women kicked up a hell of a fuss when Sara died and I would hope that the show would have the foresight to recognize that killing their only major person of color is a similarly bad idea, but many showrunners have shocked me by their short-sightedness on this kind of stuff.

Amber: I’m think it could possibly be Donna? I heard Roy was coming back so it could be him too.

Molly: Donna seems like a strong possibility to me.

So. Oracle. I guess my reaction boils down to, “This could be really great if they don’t mess it up.” The way we got here is less fridgey than The Killing Joke, though we could’ve maybe, you know, spent some actual time with Felicity in this episode and seen how she was dealing with it.

Amber: I suspected that this might be the angle they took with it since they obviously weren’t gonna kill Felicity. For those who don’t know, Oracle a hacker/super genius. She’s also known as Barbara Gordon who is pretty much my everything.

And it could be really great, like Molly said, if they don’t mess it up. A) I don’t really trust them to handle this issue well. Especially since we saw Felicity for maybe a total of ten minutes this episode. B) It makes me feel…weird that for her to become Oracle she has to be in a wheelchair. C) Felicity is perfect for the role…but…Barbara….

Anyway, this is all (my own) speculation at this point.

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DC TV Universe Review: Week Twelve


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Molly: Welcome back to Supergirl! I’m glad to have this show back. Over the break, I’ve had time to think about what I hope for this show in the coming half-season. Kara continuing to wear adorable dresses is part of that, and she did not disappoint this week. Kiersten Ronning’s wardrobe for Kara is one I would really like to steal from every now and then.

Amber: I just need to say again how much I love the Supergirl costume. It’s so good it warms my heart everytime I see it.

Molly: The balance between the A and B stories felt off-kilter, particularly as the charade of trying to convince Cat of Kara’s non-Supergirlness felt like an odd turn and more of a distraction than anything else. Besides, Cat knowing seems like a really fun thing for the show to play with and now we’re not going anywhere with that anytime soon. Not to mention that anytime Something Big seems to be happening with Supergirl, that’s when the least important stories for Kara at CatCo happen. Kara chatting with Clark again was a nice topper, though.

Amber: I agree. I’m really disappointed that Cat doesn’t really know now. Kara made the really nice speech about Cat being an asset to her and the show wasted an opportunity for that aspect of their relationship to grow. And you expect me to buy that Cat wouldn’t use having Supergirl on staff to her advantage???? Because I don’t. I think this episode highlighted a lot of the problems we were having before the break, but at least we made it through an episode with almost no love triangle drama.

Molly: I mostly really enjoy this show, but I’m very frustrated by the backpedaling with Cat. It felt like we were moving on to tell other, really interesting stories that can happen if Cat knows, but now I’m guessing I’ll have to wait a season or so for that. Clearly the best scene of the episode was Kara trying to stop General Lane from injecting Astra with Kryptonite. Both Astra and Kara were so intensely weakened, it was a reminder what humans scared of aliens can do if they want. What they can do to Kara if they want. Kara fighting for her aunt (if only fighting for her not to be tortured) also reminded me an awful lot of the Doctor fighting hard to keep the Master around.

Amber: Somehow I ended the episode shipping Jimmy/Jeremy Jordan. And, obviously, SuperCat. Unfortunately, this show is on CBS so I’ve got no hope of having my ships come true.

Molly: SuperCat is climbing in popularity and I’m thrilled, to be honest. Go for it, fandom. I don’t know what Maxwell Lord is doing, I just hope he’s evil enough that any Alex/Max future is dead.
Amber: He’s sucking is what he’s doing. Still loving Hank/Jonn J’onzz and all of his alien amazingness.

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